Monthly Archives: March 2010

Get a summer workout with Fit Flops Walkstar III

Footwear technology invented a workout program that does not require you to follow a three-set exercise but allows you to carry on with your daily activities while getting that much a fitness routine at the same time. The footwear with…

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Chris and Berns at the new Maze Ayala Cebu

If our other friends have Dooney&Burke and Dolce&Gabbana, Cebu fashion has its very own Chris&Berns. With the onset of bazaars in Cebu besieging the city like a Godzilla in gladiator heels, two women yielded to the fashionista’s call for contributing…

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Topshop introduces almost seasonless transitional trends for 2010

The upscale retail shop of Gokongwei-led franchisee RSSI Topshop launched their transitional trends this year. Spring and summer crooked their fingers and gave us the come hither look because Topshop makes you want to beg for a seasonal overhaul. Saloon Inspired…

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