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Beauty Blogging in Cebu and Makeup Tutorials

I’ve written before how fashion blogging in Cebu has propagated into a community that is beyond overwhelming. Everything everyone publishes is always an instant hit and the bestsellers are the ones that transcend the norm, the “we-don’t-need-to-look-like-everyone-else” pose and the head-to-toe fashion photography. But have you met the girls (if you know men, please please email me) who blog about cosmetics, skin care and health? The girls who take photos of their wrists swarthed with makeup or the back of their hand smeared with all kinds of creams and lacquer?

Ayayay. Beauty blogging is indeed another niche, my friends. It is almost as tasking as taking head to toe shots because not only we want to show off how the cosmetic appears on our skin but also how the cosmetic appears on our skin when taken with flash!

A few months back I met the girls behind the swatches and the awesome photography and we couldn’t believe how much we all have in common! Raine brought with her the coveted Naked Palette from Urban Decay and we ogled over it like she was brandishing an engagement ring (Raine is married, so don’t get excited). Noe and Janah shared how they post their videos on YouTube and everyone was agog at their beauty and wit. I tell you, this is going to have a huge following! Do visit their blogs when you have the time! Only Holly and I didn’t have a solo photo! Ooops!

Pearl Sarcauga of Dollface Cosmetics

Khym Lam of Shopcoholic

Hollie of Red Berry – her post on our meetup is here (sorry, Holl, I swiped this photo off Facebook!)

Raine of Lil Moi (she has paused her blog while is on training for her new job – watch out for her on November!)

Noe Villagonzales of Colour Is My Weapon

Maricarl-Janah of Maricarl Janah

If you write a blog about makeup and skin care, we would love to link up! Or if you write a blog at all – I really, really encourage everyone to blog! If you’re looking to purchase make up, try looking with coupons for Macys!

Jennifer Ngo-Sibi
Alveel Kaith
Cebu Makeup Artists
Mikki Aragon

Will be posting about our trip to Pearl’s for Dolled Up Studio and Supply’s opening and of course, the Motives Launch in Cebu. Toodles!

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  • iamliezyl

    oh my, i dont even know a thing about make-up! you girls should have a ask page. that would really be a great help for girl (like me) who are struggling in the make-up department!

  • Kristine

    Hahahah! That’s a nice suggestion Liz! Thanks! I’ll try to see how I can incorporate Formspring :) muah!

  • Jenny

    Bravo to the pioneering local beauty bloggers. * Thumbs Up*

  • Kristine Roa

    Thanks Jen! Our blogroll is on the left! Added you too! xoxo

  • Shutterfairy

    Do these girls accept make up sessions for shoots? Like engagement sessions or portrait sessions….

    Nice blog…

  • Kristine

    Hi! Yes these beauty bloggers in Cebu do! Just contact them at the contact information at their blogs :)

  • Kaith

    awww, thank you for including me, Kristine. i’m still a newbie but i do look up to these girls for all things bright and pretty! :)

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  • jhoye

    I really would love to meet all of you soon ÜÜÜ

  • jhoye

    I really would love to meet all of you. i’m new with blogging and i’d like some tips ÜÜÜ