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Before I start with anything, I just want to say I’m approaching my early 30s and there is this thing called anti-aging and age reversal skin care that helps us maximize our youth further. Being a firm believer of reincarnation, I never get scared of growing old – I die, I reborn. Cycle of life! The only thing I fear about aging is not having to enjoy so much, experience so much and live so much.

But then again, there is stem cell therapy and the stunning promise of embryonic stem cells was discovered to amp up our lifespan to x-number of years (I say experience!) Are we on the the threshold of an age of miracles when we reverse nature?

Flawless Stem Cell Kit | The Stylecebu Beauty

In comes Flawless and their stem cell therapy line. “We are very pleased to introduce everyone our Stem Cell Line,” says Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. “This new range of products allowed us to mark several milestones not just for Flawless but for the local beauty industry. Once again, we have taken something that, for the longest time, has remained exclusive to celebrities and other influential people and made it affordable for the regular Juan and Juana.”

Ah, thanks to Miss Ruby and Flawless, The Stylecebu was lucky enough to test it out.

Flawless partnered with several companies abroad (yes, we didn’t have to fly to Germany or any country that offers stem cell therapy) to locally manufacture their Stem Cell line. There were no actual humans involved too – have you heard horror stories how real stem cells from real people were harvested to create such skin care? This wonder called stem cell therapy comes from a very rare genus of an APPLE! To start off, let us begin with the fundamentals pre-coffee and toasts in the morning.

STEM CELL DAILY CLEANSER 50ml P690 – It foams, it bubbles and it takes a long time to produce foam. But lovely when applied. Even the smell is divine! Skin tightens after, friends, to think we just started with Step 1 out of this 3-Step Routine.

Flawless Stem Cell Kit | The Stylecebu Beauty

STEM CELL DAY CREAM 15g (Php 890.00) – Not greasy at all. Automatically absorbs on your skin so don’t think it is not doing its job and you instantly rub on some more. It means it is doing the best job of absorbing RIGHT AWAY. Apply on your forehead first, then down to your cheeks and neck.

FLAWLESS STEM CELL NIGHT SERUM (Php 1,200.00) – The more fluid version of the Day Cream and greasier. This is the one that makes me think why my skin is not eating up the serum so I dab some more. I can already see Miss Ruby frowning.



FLAWLESS STEM CELL KIT (Php 2,500.00) – The packaging is world-class like those of Murad and Dermalogica. The box is quite useful to reuse, too, says my disorganized jewelry.

I’ve been using the Stem Cell Kit with one Stem Cell Daily Foam Cleanser, Stem Cell Day Cream 15g, and Stem Cell Night Cream 15ml and so far:

I have had no breakouts
Skin glowing
Skin tightening (pinch your chin to check, if its firm, its good!)
The cleanser, as it says on the packaging, should be used once a day. I used it twice a day. No problem.

Okay, folks. The Flawless Stem Cell kit is a MIRACLE. Please imagine me saying this breathlessly like I’m announcing I just donated P1B to charity. But then again, skin care regimen should always, ALWAYS match your balanced DIET, hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. Let’s do away with tems anti-aging and focus instead on regrowth, reborn and reproduce new younger cells. Thanks to the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and aesthetic services, Flawless’s Stem Cell Line dubbed “superfood for the skin,” is the epitome of skin nutrition.

Flawless Stem Cell Kit | The Stylecebu Beauty

Be among the first to try Flawless’ Stem Cell line. Go to the nearest Flawless clinic today and ask a friendly Skin Professional about it. In Cebu, Flawless is located at the 2/F SM City Cebu Northwing.

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Disclaimer: This post is not a paid ad of FLAWLESS Stem Cell Therapy Line although products were sent for review. All opinions are mine.
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