Only weeks ago that Blackberry reached the South that we were introduced to an entirely new experience of using our Smartphones. With so many smartphones all over the market, you can barely keep track of what is essential or significant in your life. Are you using a Smartphone for work, social media or just a regular communicating device to you? Luckily, Blackberry gave us a chance to check out their latest and newest smartphones in the market. Oh, look what I had to unbox – The Blackberry 9900 or the Blackberry Dakota.


Initially running on a new operating system (OS) which is now OS7, this baby gave us the best of both worlds – a touch screen and some QWERTY keypad on the side. Its dimensions? Since none of the numbers matter to me, how about I do this –



Height short enough to tuck inside a continental-sized wallet, long enough to match a credit card
Width a little effort on the thumbs for women with small hands
Depth thin enough to insert inside the pocket of a Longchamp medium pliage
Weight twice as heavy as a MAC compact


What I love about it

Keypad is flatter
You can maximize the screen when you are browsing
When you send emails, you can attach as many attachments as you can!
When you text message, it doesn’t show the number of text message you already accrued right away unless you exceeded 140 character. A pop-up will show you that you have already started typing 140+ characters
Thinnest blackberry ever
Check this out – 8GB internal memory!
5MP camera – see samples of photos I’ve taken so far
Amazing stereo sound and HD video – which also means I can watch my Greys Anatomy in this during idle times!
Faster start up

Photo sample (dog not included):












What it needs work on

You cannot maximize the screen when you are NOT browsing
the size is not for women with tiny palms. Sniff.
Battery life with 3G / Internet lasts up to 5-6 hours

For someone who works practically 24/7 online and is constantly on the go, the Blackberry 9900 is just the perfect date to tag along with. With the influx of events that I join, participate and dropby, I found it tasking already to bring along my DSLR. Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Doyzkie, I learned to just openly bring my Smartphone and take real time photos instead and update event happenings in real time. Now, isn’t it just a joy that the BB 9900 happens to have a very, very sharp 5MP worth of camera loving in it? Yup, small hands or not, I would definitely recommend this unit to YOU.


The latest version of BlackBerry smartphone’s OS, BlackBerry 7.1, is now available for BlackBerry Bold 9900 customers in the Philippines. Discovering new things, staying in touch, and doing things that matter in real time is now easier than ever. The BlackBerry 7.1 OS incorporates a new feature called BlackBerry® Tag that can change the way BlackBerry users share information and content. By simply tapping their NFC enabled BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone against another NFC enabled BlackBerry smartphone, users can make sharing easier than ever. They can instantly invite a friend to BBM, exchange contact information, documents, URLs, photos, apps and other multimedia content, and they can also pair their BlackBerry smartphone with an NFC enabled Bluetooth device. SRP – P31,000