Vision-impaired me has to live off with contact lens and eyeglasses for the rest of my life unless I consider lasik surgery which sounds so scary even if it is not even the kind of surgery that invades your organs. Regarding eye makeup choices, I had to cringe sometimes on eyeliners that require sharpening  because if you really do not really the pencil well enough after sharpening, some parts of the eyeliner tend to go inside my eye. If I’m not easily tempted to stock up on the retractable ones, eye pencils are hardly in the menu.

Ever Bilena Careline Sharpener Duo

Ever Bilena Sharpener Duo

When someone gifted me with products from Ever Bilena, I was too quick to choose the sharpener and the blush brush. The sharpener was due to several recommendations from friends on its utility and the brush was because of the pretty handle that caught my eye. Ever Bilena’s cosmetic sharpener has two columns that makes you sharpen two kinds of pencil sizes, the jumbo and the regular sized pencil. It also includes a small stick in the middle to pick out products that get stuck in the blades after using it. With two options for pencil sizes, you can easily sharpen eyeliner pencils and lip pencils at the same time. Aren’t the lip pencils from Styli-style big enough to fit in this?

Ever Bilena Powder Brush

The lid keeps falling off though. I wanna throw it out in frustration. The brush  isn’t as soft as it looks. The tiny hairs are made of synthetic materials and after several days of using it, the feathering just makes me scratch my already irritated cheek. Oh, well. The brush is also P150 by the way and I particularly remember another kind of brush at Ayala Metro that sells at exactly the same price but with really soft hairs. Brandless but very, very useful.Ever Bilena Powder Brush

So far, so good as far as cosmetic sharpeners go. For P50, you can always buy this again and again and never grow tired of sharpening your pencils. Don’t get carried away though or your pencils would end up with a shorter life span. This is in its trial stages so hopefully I will be getting back to this post a few months from now and update you readers on how the blades fared then. Anyone tried this so far without experiencing the rust and stain?

Ever Bilena is located in all supermarket counters nationwide.

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