There is nothing a bar of chocolates cannot do — pacify a girlfriend’s tantrum, surprise an overworked housewife, cheer up a lonely grandparent, brighten a stressed colleague’s day…  It seems a simple box of chocolates can solve most of the world’s problems, and nobody dares question how and why.

As the season of love nears its peak, chocolates will again claim the spotlight as it is the most fool proof gift of all time.  Heart-shaped, box-type, circular — any and all would be heartily received.

Aside from its swoon-inducing quality, here are some little facts about this favorite treat that chocolate lovers may or may not be familiar about.

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With the countless brands in the market, choosing which one to daintily wrap as a Valentine’s present becomes quite a dilemma.  Surely, you cannot gamble as you might end up choosing a slightly bitter dark chocolate when your loved one actually prefers the au lait variety.  Tasting each and every kind would not only leave you broke, it can also leave you with a higher sugar level than normal.   Yes, you can always buy the more common brands but sometimes, isn’t the discovery of something new and wonderful a different surprise altogether?

Venture into new territory and discover French brand Casino Chocolates brought exclusively here in the Philippines by Rustan’s Supermarkets, Inc (RSCI).  Visit Shopwise and Rustan’s Supermarkets and say bonjour to this exotic and raved about brand of sweets that tickle taste buds from all over the world.

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Casino is a brand well-known for an assortment of products — from snacks, biscuits, chocolate drinks, cereal, juices, coffee and tea, soya drinks, jams, coloring agents to sweeteners.  With their entry into a chocolate-loving country, it wouldn’t be long before Casino chocolates become a household name when it comes to this much-appreciated confection.

Shopwise and Rustan’s Supermarkets carry five variants of the popular chocolate product line:

Casino Delices Noir Tanzanie 85% Aux Amandes Effilees Intense et Croquant

Rich and intense chocolate made crunchy with slivers of roasted almonds.

Casino Noir Dessert

Intense cocoa taste at 64%

Casino Chocola Superior Lait Praline Nougatine

Superior chocolate taste with pralines and nougat

Casino Lait Degustation Doux et Fondant

Smooth and sweet tasting milk chocolate and fondant

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Casino Delices Blanc Vanille Bourbon Doux et Fondant

White chocolate vanilla bourbon that’s soft and melts in the mouth

Delight the senses and give the gift of sweetness and love through Casino chocolates. Whether you decide to get the healthier dark variety, or the irresistibly sweet praline nougatine or doux et fondant, you can never go wrong with Casino’s tempting offerings.

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Make your choice. Visit Shopwise and Rustan’s Supermarkets now and the gift of absolute love and mouth-watering pleasure.  Shopwise Cebu branch is located along N. Bacalso Avenue, Basak San Nicolas. Rustan’s Supermarkets are located in the Ayala Mall and in Banawa. Both brands are operated by Rustan Supercenters, Inc., a member of the Dairy Farm International Group.