It seems that fashion rhetoric is taking a more proletarian bent as of late. There’s less preening within the stylish set about Chanel and Louis Vuitton acquisitions. Instead, recessionistas or stylistas du jour are smugly trotting out those old Balenciaga, Balmain and Fendi (thrifted) pieces that have been lounging in the back of their huge walk-in closets. And when their “vintage” goodie is fawned over by a bedazzled lot, they innocently asked, “Oh, you mean this old thing?”

So was that the only thing we’ve learned so far in 2009? What totally highlighted Cebu fashion industry in 2010? Boots or Wedges? Basics or Embellishments?

Jacklyn Uy, What a Girl Wants
Basics or Embellishments

“Each new season brings us new must haves, styles and trends for us to covet and buy. And while reinventing our wardrobes and finding excuses to go shopping hunts is all well and fun, our budgets aren’t as amused. Instyle Cebu Fashion | Jacklyn Uy for What A Girl Wants

The key is balance. Don’t be afraid to splurge on quality basic pieces: a crisp white polo, the little black dress, a properly fitted blazer; these are all classics that will never go out of style. Then mix with trendier, of the moment items to update your look.

These little embellishments can go a long way to making old pieces seem completely new. Plain white racer backs and black skinnies jeans make for a good foundation and are easily reinvented. Add a studded vest for that rocker chic look celebrity is so known for. Or when worn with a studded shoulder jacket for that 80’s king of pop inspired look.

The most important thing to remember is to make it your own. Don’t go for a trend just because it is what’s in at the time. Also go for pieces that fit and flatter your body type. And remember to just have fun with it!”

Jammy Ungab, Call Center Agent/Freelance Model
Boots or Wedges

“I always have the hots for boots. Outfit looks cuter if i wear a pair of ‘em. Wedges are too girly for me. But on my honest opinion, light colored or floral wedges is a good idea for summer, paired with an oversized plain cotton white shirt and a tattered light blue denim shorts with oversized sunglasses of course ;). Boots aint a good idea for the weather (unless if we wear it at night and go party at clubs :)). If only Cebu is as cold as UK or Canada, i could wear ‘em day and night.”

 Wen Zaspa, Cebu Makeup Artist
Basics or embellishments?Instyle Cebu Fashion | Wen Zaspa Cebu Makeup Artist

“Basics or embellishments? That is the question. And the answer can vary from one occasion to the other, and would really depends on the person’s individual taste at the moment. But for me, I always step out of my comfort zone and try something new every time there is a chance to strut your stuff. In make-up, specially. Even if it’s just a simple birthday party, I encourage my clients to always look their best. The basic foundation plus a lot of blending and experimentation of colors. If you can get away with Lady Gaga’s false eyelashes, why not? VEYGA RA?”

Ina Arabia, Topshop Marketing Manager

Instyle Cebu Fashion | Topshop's Ina Arabia“I think the Cebu market will be more daring this year to try out new trends seeing that more and more Cebuanos dress up even on an ordinary day. For 2010, we are looking into subdued colors, pale hues and earth tones but with shapes that emphasize the body and waist. For Topshop, there are 3 key transitional looks towards Spring-Summer: Parisienne wherein details are fussy with ruffles, rosettes, bows and ribbon with polka dots, spots and chain prints inspired by French chic fashion; Downtown which takes on luxury sportswear and is an effortless look of laid back urban style; and Saloon which is inspired by all things synonymous with wild west glamour with prints that are washed out, dip-dyed and faded.”

Yves Camingue, Cebu fashion designer/Stylist

“Sleek, sexy and spare are the key words for dressing this year as aesthetics attack on bombshell sexy, the tailored strong and some careless charm. Instyle Cebu Fashion | Yves Camingue Cebu Fashion Designer

It will be the year of SQUEEZE(body-con, wet-dresses) Vs. EASE (billowy chiffon dresses) – REALITY (blanc slate day-to-night dresses) Vs. ROMANCE (The ruffled party dress) – UNDIES OUTED (exposed lingerie or lingerie-inspired garments) Vs. DARK-AGE MILITANT(military tailoring and tribal embellishment) – Industrial-inspired and risky-sports infused SPORTSWEAR: Football sweaters, Scuba wet-dresses, Cycling shorts, Surf tie-dye dresses!”

 Khym Lam, author of Shopcoholic and makeup aficionado

“I love wedges! Its not just because I always see them in magazines and the runway lately, but because its more comfy to wear than heels. I also prefer basics like jeans & tees or a simple dress which I can pair with a studded bag or shoes. Its fun to mix and match basics with different accessories to create different looks.”

Or, I could say on with the FULL SKIRTS and let’s move on. There will never be a all-we-are-is-dust-in the wind moment unless we reinvent. Mix and match. Go foreign AND local. Or wear a $200 Maddens with your $18 Freeway top. Do you know you could now carry a shopping bag whose contents are of a fashion designer’s cheap-chic collection? Thakoon for Target, Christopher Kane for Topshop, Randy Ortiz for Plains and Prints! More DIY. Handcrafted authenticity. Among the many color forecasts everyone has been raving about, my favorites are TOMATO PUREE, Turquoise. Muffled tones. Tuscany. Coral.

Go Green. Be a hippie! Start or CONTINUE being eco-conscious.80s disco style. Bold looks. Vibrant colors. Sequined dresses. Leather gloves. Studs! Surreal footwear. The more you think the heels have more drama than Grey’s Anatomy, the better. Structured vests. Ladylike. Ah, Cebu fashion, after all. We live with it and we wing it. Happy Chinese New Year to all 🙂

*** photo credits to Hannah Bacalla for Jammy, Jack Uy for Jacky Uy, Dan Ong for Wen Zaspa, Kim Lam for Kim Lam, Ina for Ina Arbia

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