Twelve (12) local painters along with fourteen (14) of Cebu’s young fashion designers grace the trail as they march along where culture meets style. They celebrate the opening of a revolutionary fabric retail concept, an art gallery and a social enterprise all rolled in one hub: the Anthill Fabric Gallery. The designers participate in an “Indie goes Urban” Fashion Show advocating sustainable style for the 21st century woman that will give sustainable life for women weavers. Artists and sculptors also share their talent as they collaborate art in one contemporary exhibit: Co[Operation]. When you enter this nest where ingenuity, fashion, culture, advocacy and art are ingeniously interwoven, you will never see a work of art and a piece of cloth the same way again.

Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu

We arrived just in time to hear pulsing music and watch the crowd getting denser. I hurried to where the A/C was and the buffet table and forgot about the boyfriend who was taking pictures. The interior by the way provides you with a nice view of the fashion show happening outside while you sip on your cocktail and chew on your fish sticks. Ah, lovely, fashionable crowd! You get to bump occassionally into a synthetically clad model but then the night’s indigenous theme got to you in a way Yves could claim, “Ifugao, if-you-go!”

The opening of Anthill Fabric Gallery at Mariposa St., Gorordo Ave in Cebu introduced culture and style to friends, family, the local media and the most fashionable lot in Cebu. “When you enter this nest where ingenuity, fashion, culture, advocacy and art are ingeniously interwoven, you will never see a work of art and a piece of cloth the same way again,” Anya Lim said. In a way Anya Lim was right – everything that is displayed at Anthill Fabric Gallery are hard to find textiles handpicked from different parts of Asia. Everything is first class and indigenous. Check out the photos from the fashion show below.

Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu

Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu

Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu

Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu

Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu

Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu

Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu

The group as supporting cast: (L-R) Tom, Faye, Fedz, Ram, Me, Prem and Brylle

Dominic Sy for the makeup and hair

Of course, Joy Anya, the Anthill Colony head

Irx Canseco, model extraordinaire

Lou Malolt, Kc Sabelino and Fashion Designer Veronica Valente


Edwin Alba
Veronica Valente of Veronica’s Closet
Manuel Tumaque
Brendon Val Cenon
Marlowe Dacules
Rey Villegas
Jonas Navarro
Joseph Navales
Yves Camingue
Alejandro Godinez
Peewee Senining
Lory Villareal
Lord Maturan
“I was dead happy tired but it was all worth it!!, “ Anya said. “What should have been a surprise for my mom became more of a surprise to me! Its surreal to witness how our dreams are slowly unfolding. More than the receptive presence of an unexpected crowd, it was overwhelming to have people young and old commune in ANTHILL to support our advocacy, appreciate fashion and culture, and have loads of fun! The launch made me ecstatic for awaits ANTHILL! I can’t wait to show to the weavers how Cebu’s talented young designers the fabrics were morphed to stellar designs! Really, we all are intertwined!”

Anthill would like to thank the following:

Host: Janine Salang
Special Guests (Ribbon Cutting): Mary Anne Solomon and Annie Aboitiz
Sponsors: The Banana Booth
Cebu’s Young Designers, Models and Make-up Artists
Cebu’s Local Artists and Painters
IShow Lights and Sounds
Switch Cafe and Restobar

Special thanks to Carlo Lozano (AVP), Hannah Lim (Graphics, Design and Make-up), Odessa Bulahan (Interior Designer).
About Anthill
ANTHILL is primarily a fabric gallery featuring a wide array of special high-end imported fabrics and intricate weaves of indigenous fabrics. It will house unique and limited collections of fine prints, unconventional patterns, interesting textures, extra ordinary cottons, beaded laces, and hand loomed fabrics all one of a kind, exclusive and tailor fit to the fashion taste and preference of every shopper. Regular bridals and formal materials will also be made available. Basic and common fabrics will come right in handy to supplement and coordinate the client’s distinctive picks. Textiles will be sourced all over Asia and from weaving villages all over the country among hill tribes.

ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is a the first creative social enterprise and a lifestyle store in the Metro bringing into one nest ingenuity, fashion, culture, advocacy and art.

ANTHILL showcases tunnels of distinct and special textiles from Asia and also highlights the beauty of intricate woven indigenous fabrics from the Philippine hill tribes. In this shop, fabrics are more than just rolls of cloth. ANTHILL houses the utilization of fabrics for artistic endeavors and innovative executions transforming fabric into art.

ANTHILL gives back to the community as it supports income generation among young entrepreneurs and rural communities especially indigenous tribes all over the country. It is a human collaboration of hard work and passions all intertwined in one shared dream.

ANTHILL will cater to all fabric collectors and will promote more the culture of fabric collection. It will put on spotlight the use of fabric as an art by showcasing a long line of textile by- product creations that will fascinate clients. This will be complemented by statement accessories like buckles, buttons, zippers and other craft supplies needed to complete the fashion art mix in one unified whole.

An Artist Nook
ANTHILL delights in the proliferation of artists from all over the country and believes that they need not be starving in this third world. Instead, they just need a venue for exposure and celebration of art. ANTHILL will provide that nook for artists and art appreciators alike to commune and share their passions. Every product in the store is a work of art that comes to life. It is a masterpiece with a story behind every creation.

ANTHILL will house intricate products from local artisans and display artworks from local artists. For most, it will display the exploration and discovery of fabric as an ART, the canvass of creation transformed in beautiful functional aesthetic pieces.

Anthill Fabric Gallery is located in Mariposa St. Gorodo Ave., Cebu City. Tel No| 032.5054175. Email