I’ve been antsy about the results of the Havaianas Always Summer Race to Hawaii contest because I wanted Cebu to represent the regional leg. Alas! Five 2-member teams have been chosen in a digital raffle to represent Cebu in the regional leg of Race to Hawaii! Coming from diverse backgrounds, the Cebu representatives are:

Christine and Michal – Lawyers  in a relationship for 4 years

Marian Mae and Randolph Dean – Sweethearts for 8 years

Sherry and Valentin – Sister/Brother-in-law team

Ruth and Arnel – Mother and son team

Ruth and Arnel - Havaianas Regional Leg Winners for Hawaii

Angelique and Jobelle – Good friends who bought their winning pairs together

These lucky pairs will be flying to Manila, all expense paid, tomorrow, April 8, Friday. In Manila, they will join 100 teams (65 teams will represent Manila; 35 will represent the other provinces) who also have their eyes on the prize: making it to the Boracay leg to be one step closer to the ultimate summer vacation, an all-expense-paid-vacation to Hawaii. Excited so far? Let’s cheer for our Cebu contingents, we shall! Race day will be on April 9, Saturday at 4:00 AM.

Winners of the regional leg, twenty 2-member teams who ranked highest, will be flown to Boracay for the final leg to compete for the ultimate prize: an all-expense-paid vacation for two to Hawaii – the inspiration for Havaianas (Havaianas is Portuguese for “Hawaiians”). All teams return to their respective provinces on April 10. Visit www.havaianassummer.com for exciting race updates and more details.