cebu street fashion

It’s eclectic!  When I asked Eloise Daniot about her thoughts on Cebu’s street fashion and style, she gave me that answer.  For the untrained eye, it is easy to conclude that there is no concrete Cebu street style to speak of.  With only a handful of local fashion blogs and featured fashionistas, it’s easy to assume that the closest things we have next to an authentic street fashion are the concerted commercial photo shoots and the narcissistic cam-whorings.

The truth is, Fashion Photography is a marriage of two very distinct endeavors.  It would take immense passion and skill to harmonize both to produce the needed look of authenticity in  street style photos.  No wonder attempts on this blogging niche are scarce if not futile or blah.

Homer revealed to me just how technical Fashion Photography is, in his answer to my question about why he got into this genre.

cebu street fashion

I tried a lot of genre of photography but as an artist what I like most in photography is fashion, editorial,or fine art photography because I can express and execute the image in my head with control of the photoshoot, and Fashion photography for me is always exciting because it always evolves in time and nature. It also tickles the mind of the audience interpretation which is sometimes funny, and interesting to hear what other says about my works. Same thing as fineart Photography, Fashion Photography is still Subjective.

Not your average fashionista, Eloise definitely knows her craft.  She is one of the very few who can walk the talk and in mighty high heels too.   She is the stuff that most fashion media seek to duplicate.  Her natural fashion instinct and gut feel keep her senses open to fish out that interestingly dressed girl or boy among the many passersby.

cebu street fashion

This is her full thought on Cebu’s street fashion:

It’s quite eclectic!  A lot of people are now really dressing up; when they go out to work or to the mall or for school not just really for parties or what not. It’s getting quite interesting… and also with the healthy flow of foreign travelers which also pepper the scene and in some way also influence the locals in their modes of dressing

I am no photography enthusiast, nor am I keen on the fashion whatnot’s, but I think Eloise Daniot and Homer Medici’s collaboration in their blog Cebu Street Fashion is the real deal.  Cebu’s street style is finally on the grid as this creative duo/power couple does their weekly whimsical “stake outs”  to capture the wandering and anonymous stylistas prancing the passages of Cebu’s malls and go to places.

cebu street fashion

Armed with a Canon EOS 5d mark II and a 72-200 L lens, Homer the shutterbug, and Eloise the fashionista, both passionate artists in their own right, will stop you on your tracks one of theses days fulfilling the promise to seek to document Cebu’s everyday style mavens, while you rock your looks on the streets and malls of the Queen City.  Visit and bookmark Cebu Street Fashion now and keep track of Cebu’s street styles!

All photos are by Homer Anthony Medici

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