Because most 0f us have white bags, it is always key to know how to clean them without ruining its bag shape, tarnishing the brass handles and making them look good as new.

Take this Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Speedy for example. The color was pristine dune before.

How to clean your Louis Vuitton mini lin in dune

Until days of using the speedy made the canvass dirty.

How to clean your Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Speedy in Dune

How do we really clean white bags? I talked to a Louis Vuitton specialist and was advised of the following:

Louis Vuitton products are made to the highest quality and should, given care and attention, provide you with many years of pleasure. For long term maintenance, all items will benefit from storage away from direct sunlight or moisture, as excessive exposure to these may permanently alter the color of your piece. Even though the canvas is protected by an anti-stain treatment, light colors remain sensitive to dirt. You can clean the canvas by delicately wiping it with a slightly humid and soaped cloth (neutral soap), avoiding contact with leather. If the leather gets stained, delicately wipe it with a dry, soft and light-colored cloth.

We do not recommend any chemicals or cleaners as these may adversely affect the canvas or leather.

Two words – soap and water

How to clean your Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Speedy in Dune

The Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Speedy in Dune whose canvass is made out of cotten and linen orgarnic doesn’t require dry cleaning and since the areas that get dirty first are the four bottom corners then the zip top closure area until it goes all the way down again, it is highly best to clean it with these instructions.

Use a cloth dampened with water mixed with a neutral soap to wipe down the canvas gently
Wipe it down again with a damp cloth (only water this time)

Even if it no longer looks the same just like the first time you had it, it still beats having a clean Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Speedy bag in tow. How do you clean your white bags?