The invite at the press and VIP night of the Make Your Own Havaianas event says 4pm and I was standing at the MYOH wheel by 7pm. Five years and 48 thousand minutes later, I was still there standing at that wheel staring in crazy agony at all the colors. This is one reason why events like these start early to give you enough time to customize your Havaianas. Why can’t we have them all?! Oh, yes, we’d go bankrupt.

You learn that every year during Make Your Own Havaianas:

…your stomach must not be empty. I’m saying this because I saw Nowie, Sinjin, Doyzkie and the rest of CBS and they were in a hurry to head out and eat.  So cute! Hahah.


….You can still wear heels and be comfortable. The color wheels are all situated together so you wouldn’t have to walk around from one wheel to another.

….Don’t be too quick to write down on your MYOH form. By the time you get to the booth to claim the pairs, you’d changed your mind again. Believe me. It happened to me not once but thrice.


….When you get to the counter to have your pairs made, find an idle Havaianas staff (unlikely, but anyway), meet his eyes and DONT LET HIM/HER GO.


…Unless you want to lug so many bags that day, it would be wise to carry something small.
…. Be kind to the staff. It is not easy to mix and match your Havaianas and end up poking the wrong strap.


…. they accept plastics! They have a different queue for that.
These are the pairs I got. One for the honey, two for the road.

Make Your Own Havaianas 2010 Ceb


At PHP50 per letter, I did T-I-N.  See that blue pin in the form of a hand? That’s a MYOH5 Commemorative pin. What do your customized Havaianas look like?

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