Let us welcome DigitalFilipino.com in Cebu as they host this year’s Digital Influencers Marketing Summit on November 24!

The event is also personal and very important to us bloggers because as Miss Janette Toral of Digital Filipino said, “The Internet, especially through social media, has empowered users to become digital influencers and brand advocates. The summit is meant to share lessons learned and best practices in this area to help those who are already into it. At the same, help the aspiring ones learn from it.”

What essentially are we going to learn from this summit?

Cebu-based bloggers and social media specialists Fleire Castro, Kevin Ray Chua, and Rabsin De la Cruz will share their insight on how bloggers have become influencers and brand advocates pushing for their own advocacies and tapped by brands for promotion.

SEO specialists Ruben Licera Jr. and Tof Salcedo will impart practical advice on how entrepreneurs can use social media, through influencers and brand advocates, for their content to rank page 1 of search engine results. At the same time, correct any misinformation that got spread and protect one’s identity online.

Internet marketing entrepreneurs Ben Francia and Khoa Bui will be coming to Cebu to share their personal journey on how they have become digital influencers.

Cebu Architect and fitness coach Alan Choachuy will also share how the use of social media allowed him to share his fitness journey and made him an influencer in the process inspiring Filipinos from different parts of the country to become fitter, stronger, and healthier. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

To know more and register for this event, visit http://digitalfilipino.com/digital-influencers-marketing-summit-cebu-november-24/