These are a few of my favorite things namely, Vudu, Fabric Fashion Shows and Cebu fashion designers. When Vudu celebrated their 9th anniversary last month, Cebu’s fashionable lot all got front row seats to a Fabric Fashion Show. Hosted by Cacay Moras of Fabric and Circuit Magazine, the Vudu Fabric Fashion show presented Arcy Gayatin designs, Protacio Empaces, Philip Rodriguez, Jun Escario and Oj Hofer.

Instyle Cebu Fashion and Events | Fabric Fashion Show at Vudu's 9th Anniversary

Not to miss at the same time are the Noreen Tseng Accessories and Orotime Jewelry worn by MAC Models of Cebu and AD Models Cebu and makeup artists Jessie Glova, Emi Ayag and Gari Son.

If Celine is the kind of woman you want to be with and Louis Vuitton is the kind of woman a man wanted to be with, Arcy Gayatin IS the kind of the woman that made the Louis Vuitton man change his mind. If girly and feminine is your season, Arcy Gayatin is your woman. The colors magenta, black and cyan are key.

Jun Escario has a penchant for a faux black bird on his model’s temple. See silhouette after silhouette of ruffles. And that black number with a nude back? I think I almost fainted. Sexy was discreet but I’d definitely wear that!

Protacio gave us a sneek peek of his newest collection with a pleated bodice and wait, are those metal clasps? Edgy, I like. 🙂

Between the extremes of bespoke and ready-to-wear has existed, Oj Hofer, the only fashion designer in the gallery above that has male models,  valued the closet standard size in a nutshell. Tshirts and jeans are basic and key yet Oj customized the look to not make it too common. The end result is fluid and easy and cool and men would be too happy to wear jersey at this time of the year.

And then there is the veil. The veil in the olden Times – the veil in the East – a protection – an aid to beauty – the last touch to smarten up or end dowdiness – absolute freshness essential – panache only Philip Rodriguez can master.

I see veils as often worn by the pretty Frenchwomen and has a distinctly coquettish effect and enhances the fairness of a beautiful complexion. If you see a Mac model with graceful folds at the front, that is not a woman at Wayakama Festival circa 1984 but that’s Philip Rodriguez.

The underground London-style fashion show was held as a tribute to the late Alexander Mcqueen.

About Fabric Fashion Shows
Fabric Philippines is headed by Mr. Jermaine Brown & Ms. Cacay Moras. It is one of today’s voguish events in Manila’s social scene. I am so proud to be a part of the many modish designers that FABRIC showcases in happening places all over the Metro. The FABRIC concept is based on an idea Jermaine saw in Toronto around Fashion Week and asked Cacay if she could help him start this brand new concept night at Piedra Lounge back in 2007. Jermaine just finished a weekly deep house residency, called FOUNDATION Fridays with Jason Soong & Benjo Marquez.

About Vudu

Almost a decade in the industry, VUDU has indeed become a force to be reckoned with and has established itself as a local brand, one that Cebu can call its own and truly be proud of.

It has gotten the attention it deserves, as a local landmark and institution as it continues to cast its spell on local and foreign visitors who continue to rhapsodize about the VUDU experience.

VUDU is open Tuesdays – Saturdays from 6 p.m. onwards and is the perfect venue to lounge in after a long day at work or after dinner with friends. Enjoy free 3mbps Wi-Fi from PLDT MyDSL access as well. ***No door fee and table reservations not required on weekdays.

For exclusive parties, corporate events, venue bookings or social gatherings please contact the numbers below or email or Telephone: +6332 420 7070. (some photos above are from Brittany Go, Anthony Umpad and Gerard Pareja)