I meant to write about this last month but with so many site tweaking and backend links monitoring, I think Instyle Cebu may need more time in the interwebs before we finally launch it. What do you think of the new site so far? 🙂 Love the mobile announcements, oui? So what I meant about writing about something that was supposed to be for last month is this!

Filipino Fashion Blogger Bryanboy at American Vogue March 2010

Yes, last month’s March issue of Vogue featured Filipino fashion blogger Bryan Yambao or Bryanboy as one of the influential bloggers in the world. IN THE WORLD – not just in Asia or any other continent. Isn’t it amazing? (check out the front cover of the Vogue March 2010, left of Tina Fey in red circle. You may open the photo to enlarge)

Filipino Fashion Blogger Bryanboy at American Vogue Issue March 2010

Vogue.com calls them “the men and women who keep up on all things fashion 24/7: Bryanboy (bryanboy.com),Tommy Ton (jakandjil.com), Michelle Phan (michellephan.com), Garancé Doré (garancedore.fr), Mary Tomer (mrs-o.org), Yvan Rodic (yvanrodic.blogspot.com), Todd Selby (www.theselby.com), Hannelli Mustaparta (hanneli.com), and Catherine Kallon (redcarpet-fashionawards.com). Read about Bryanboy’s post on being at the magazine here.

I am a Bryan boy fan (no, I am not gushing)! Aren’t gay bloggers just so much fun? It is just sad that hardly anyone from OUR own country mentioned Bryanboy being in that issue and what an overwhelming FEAT that was. He was also featured on Vogue Russia for this month’s 2010 Issue , mind you, and for someone who just sits behind his monitor – in the Philippines (where other people think we live in trees) and blabble everything that the fashion industry thinks is gospel is just TOO MUCH to take in.

One last thing, when you google, “Bryanboy at VOGUE Issue“, the Vogue Site comes in page 2 and Bryanboy is on top of the list in page one. Enjoy a rainy Friday, Cebu!