I remember saying a while back that if I didn’t see a genuine Ed Hardy shirt in Cebu, then I haven’t been around lately. It was just sheer luck that we stopped by Banilad Town Center (BTC) to register our baby pooch at the Cebu Veterinary Doctors for the annual Father’s Day Dog Show last Sunday, June 20. Registration is free and no, Prince Sebastian isn’t joining the competition but he will just be there for the eye candy (ie. female MalShis), freebies, vaccination and again female MalShis. I had my eye on the Penguin shirts and although they were limited in stock and limited in style, the fact that Cebu now houses Penguin Shirts made my day.

And did I say they have Ed Hardy, Fred Perry, and Abercrombie tshirts for men’s fashion?

Joven wearing the Fred Perry clothing below

I heart Cebu! Republik Cebu is located at G/F Banilad Town Center, Banilad.