When my friends told me if I’ve been subscribing to beauty boxes abroad, I didn’t know what they meant until they start tagging me with the boxes they received from different beauty boxes such as Birch Box and more. My eyes glazed at the premium products my friends coveted in months! Finally, several companies now have catered to the Philippine market and launched their own online for Filipinas (me) who are beauty addicts (me) to sample these coveted beauty products in the market.

Hey, with the onslaught of beauty products in the market today, you really cannot tell which product works for you until you’ve tried it. Ever had that feeling of asking salesladies if you could just buy the tester products for half the price until you decided you and the cosmetic was indeed meant to be together? Guilty (me).


Glamourbox is the first premium online beauty subscription in the country, providing Filipinas with the best way to discover the latest beauty trends from across the globe.

Here’s how it works.


Once you subscribe, each month you will receive an elegant box with five deluxe beauty samples from premium, boutique and niche brands delivered to your doorstep.  Glamour Box carefully curates each box with worthwhile items, so you don’t have to weed through all the duds out there.   Then, if you end up falling in love with any of the products (and we are certain that you will!), you can visit our online boutique to purchase the full-size of your beauty finds, be they makeup, skincare, bath & body, haircare, fragrances or even beauty tools.  So for Php595 a month, they’re essentially delivering the cosmetics counter (and more) to your home…just no troublesome sales people!  And to top it off, you get up to three times the value of what you paid for.  Um, did someone say S-T-E-A-L?

Now, the big shebang of the whole show is that we won’t be telling you which products you’ll be receiving each month.  It’s a SURPRISE!  And if you’re like us, this will be half the fun.


And if all this wasn’t enough, they’ve also gone ahead and created a Glamourbox community for our members to buzz about their beauty finds, receive invites to exclusive events and enjoy special promotions for products and services.

I hope you’re as excited about all this as I am, but Glamoubox do have to share one downer with you.  The number of boxes is LIMITED! While we can promise you’ll love receiving a box, we can’t promise we’ll have enough boxes to go around, so sign-up for the November box starting October 3, 2012 at www.glamourbox.ph before we run out and get your hands on the first premium beauty box in the country!

Come join the Glamourbox community at www.facebook.com/GlamourboxPH and www.twitter.com/GlamourboxPH and tell us a bit about your beauty adventures.