There’s Maleficent – fierce, cold, yet with a heart that warms at the sight of someone she loves. Then you also meet Twiggy – fun, exuberant, ready to take on the world.

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Two different women – one shrouded in mystery, the other made the world her stage. Both equally beguiling, bold, and beautiful.

Maleficent and Twiggy are just two of the breathtaking collections awaiting jewelry aficionados at the All That Glitters (ATG) Pop-Up Sale on Friday, December 2, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Holicow, Crossroads, Banilad.

Amanda Luym and Cacay Moras-Server bring to Cebu their biggest collection of delicately-crafted jewelry aptly named after strong and powerful women of history and myth.
Formidable women themselves, they take inspiration from a place or time in history as framework to help conceptualize these intricate and eye-catching pieces. Color palettes for settings and cuts then come into play, giving birth to classic and elegant jewelry that can complement any woman’s mood, responsibility, or schedule. From day to night, these locally and exquisitely-made creations serve one purpose – to make a woman shine, making All that Glitters a brand that is true to its name.

The All That Glitters Pop-up Sale will feature the rest of the collection – light and dark, purity and innocence, strength and power. All woman.


To make the occasion extra special, Raphaelle + MAINT will also showcase its unique clothing line. Its couture collection celebrates femininity by combining elegant flair with strong individualism. Designed by Rapha Camcam, Raphaelle + MAINT uses traditional and indigenous Filipino fabric fashioned into modern silhouettes.

The All That Glitters Jewelry Pop-Up Sale will be launched in a private cocktail event on December 1 and open to the public on December 2. For the latest updates and promotions, like All That Glitters at or follow @theglitterati_ph on Instagram.