A large segment of the fashion-system juggernaut has always managed to turn Havaianas into a household name. It’s the new millennium and its fun to be a Havaianatico!

The Havaianas Summer 2010 Collection doesn’t seem to deny pleasure for the indulgence of brights and glow in the dark flops. The Havaianas Valentine Collection and Havaianas Special Collection seemed under pressure yet over delivered and the flip-flop Gods and Goddesses should feel voluptuous and sexy and fun in its appetites. Havaianas did all this effort for Havaianaticos to love its makers from Brazil – that was the message here – and continue to provide us with stylish comfort and engineered trots. Our best looks could be in Havaianas Tops, Slims, Flash, or Highs and no one would be the wiser. Seeing that “Havaianas” on our flip-flops’ straps is enough to send us on the edge, teethering on the brink of flip-floptisis.

havaianas loving havaianaticos | instyle cebu fashion

havaianas loving havaianaticos | instyle cebu fashion

Havaianas knows that whatever you want to do and wherever you go, you want to be assured that comfort will embrace your every move. Could it be that your Havaianas flip-flops will always be there like that pesky ex-boyfriend who just wouldn’t go away? Or that doting mother who’d wait on you hand and foot until you are in your late 30s? It is inspiring that these 46-year old secret rubber formula by Sao Paulo Alpargatas will forever be in our butter-soft, bouncy and durable lives.

Why do we love Havaianas?

When I put those cushiony rubber flip flops on my swollen pregnant feet I knew I had found my soul mate. – Hubpages

I love Havaianas because it gives me the comfort of no other shoes can give, it is my bff thru rainy and summer season 🙂Sweet Veloso, Fashion Blogger

Because they are socially acceptable flip-flops…. you can wear them anywhere….. – Enzo Belen, Student

It’s either heels or Havaianas. Nothing else – Karen, Twitter Mention

The most comfortable pair of flip lops I have ever worn.. No brand comes near. I just wanna buy more after each pair Havaianas – Brylle Quirante, Cebu Fashion Designer

Why DON’T we love Havaianas! – Warren Go, Manager, Shanghai

You know you want to be in style – my mother

I haven’t seen myself this cute when I’m wearing slippers! – Vanessa, Student and My vain sister

My pooch ate and de-strapped 4 pairs of mine already. Need I say how much he loves it? – Kristine Roa

Here’s what Havaianas has to say:

Havaianas Loving Havaianaticos

“Obrigado! Thank you for walking beside us in 2009. Here’s to a fun and fashionable 2010!” — Havaianas

A.L. Amizade Marketing, Inc. is the exclusive sub-distributor of Havaianas in Central and Eastern Visayas. Havaianas in Cebu is also available in July, Republik, Maribago Blue Water Resort, Abaca Boutique Resort and R.O.X Ayala. The Havaianas Kid’s line is also available at Ballooney. For more information, check out www.havaianas.com.

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**Text and photos by Kristine Roa. Reproduction without consent is not allowed.