I was on my feet at the new Levi’s store sometime this month and didn’t really notice anything new until number one, I’m in the men’s store and number two, everything was organized! Skinny – straight – what style you want, again?

Levi's Men Ayala Cebu

“What are you wearing? You should be wearing Levi’s!” chided Frank from a PR agency in Manila. That guy is a sweet character! He showed us around the store and Jeff was kind enough to take our photos. I shook hands with Ronnie, Levi’s ASEAN Marketing Head – yes, folks, the big guy in Asia.

Jigs Arquiza and Clint Potestas from SUNSTAR

Our friends from SUNSTAR, Jigs Arquiza and Clint Potestas

Thinline Jeff Songco with Alexis Yap Levis New Store Ayala Cebu

Jeff and Alexis Yap, RCTV [above] “You should check out the Levi’s for Women store,” Ronnie says. [below far right]

And that’s when more fun ensued.

Keep posted for that next post! The Levi’s Roadwear Party at the Penthouse Cebu will happen this Saturday, April 30 at 9pm. Shall we see you in your most decked denim ensemble? Grab your free tickets here.