I am knee deep in moisturizers and waist high in beauty products yet I always – always have a hard time squeezing everything together in one (or two?) cosmetic bags when I travel. Have you ever had that feeling that whenever you pack something from your beauty lot, it is never enough?

The planning that goes along with travelling is easy especially when you have just booked one of those cheap holidays abroad. The packing is entirely different. I did not even start yet on how to pack your clothes but maybe I can help on how to pack your beauty products like a pro.

First ask yourself – How long are you traveling for? Does the hotel have a hair dryer?

How to pack your beauty products

1. Organize the following into creams, powders and liquids. I have a 10×15 black bag with a mesh flap for my cosmetics and toiletries. Divided into four plastic-lined columns, everything is exactly where I want them to be. Eyeshadows on the other hand is different. Some people might not understand this but 50% of my eyeshadow collection is not in palettes but in separate containers. There is always a shade here and there that you want to try out and it always have to match the entire lookbook that you made in your luggage. Nudes and blacks are very safe. A little green here, some gold there and maybe a blue somewhere could sometimes help.

2. Separate brushes. One department for large brushes like blush and powder brushes and another for small ones like your angle and concealer brush. If the trip is for leisure, I get carried away and bring so many brushes. If it is a one-nighter only, a powder brush and small brushes like eyeliner and concealer brush is just right.

3. Should you require transferring of products, I know that Watsons and Tickles sell plastic dispensers from P50 to P100. Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to transfer loose powder especially Shu Uemura’s Transparent powder because the powder seeps everywhere. Liquids and creams are ideal.

4. Stock up on extra cotton balls and Q-tips.

5. Carry a tangle-free cord holder. For your straightening irons and gadgets!

6. Secure them with a pretty ribbon. Yes, I have to say that!
There you go. It might not be much but so far, I’ve been methodizing this game plan since I discovered cosmetic bags and train cases and it has always worked for me. Please do not ask me about excess baggage allowances anymore. Remember  – this is only for checked in baggage!