It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the house of Louis Vuitton and its Moet Hennessy group of luxury brands – thanks to my mother who also harbors the same affinity for the designer house. I am not an expert nor being smart about this but I wish to help out people who might not know any of Louis Vuitton bags pronunciations or Louis Vuitton bag color styles. I just even found out some pronunciations myself. The list is also updated with Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Bag names. My, the French has the sexiest language! Enjoy!

Anouchka Ah-nush-ka
Aumônière Multicolore – O Mong Nyer(ng) Multi colore
Azur Ah-zur
Batignolles – Bat – teen – nyol
Beaubourg – Boo Boor(g)
Boulogne Boo-lon
Boétie – boy si
Broome Brom
Cabas Piano – Ka- bahs Piah-no
Cerise – sur – eees
Citadin – Si ta dan
Cles Clay
Damier Dahm-yay
Deauville Doe-veel
Epi Ep-ee
Etui – et – twee
Framboise – Fram – bwah
Fusain – Foo San
Houston House-tun
Grenade – Grue nad
Graphite – Grah – feet
Glace – Glass
Griet – Gree – eh
Géant – Je yan(gt)
Idylle – Ee deal
Jamais – Zha – mahyz
L’Aimable Lay-MOB (with a hint of an “L” at the end)
L’Extravagant Lex-trav-uh-gont
Le Fabuleux Fab-yoo-luh
L’Imprevisible Lam-pray-vee-zeeb
L’Ingenieux Lan-jen-yuh
Le Talentueux Tah-LEN-tuh

Louis Vuitton Bags

**On the photo – this was taken during one of those times that I went to Cagayan in August and had a small shoot with my friends. That’s gawsy Jay Pascual with his Louis Vuitton Red Epi Leather Keepall 55 Bag and below is a Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Keepall  55 Luggage.

Louis Vuitton Red Epi Leather Keepall 55 Bag

Montorgueil – Monh-tour-geel
Mini Lin mini lin
Mini Lin Croisette – Mini Lin Kraw Set
Musette – Mew Zet
Nice Neese
Noisette – nwa-sett
Noe No-ay
Papillon Pah-pee-yon
Pegase – pey gaz
Pochette Poh-shet
Popincourt – Poe-pin-coor
Porte Monnaie Port Mo-nay
Porte Tresor Port Tre-zor
Raindrop Besace – Be zas
Reade Reed
Recital – Reh cee tahl
Sac à Dos – Sakado
Sologne Sa-lon
Soufflot Sue-flow
Suhali Le Radieux – soo-ah-lee’ leu rah’-dee-eu
Trouville Trow-vyel
Vacchetta – Va ket ta
Vernis Ver-nee

Check out also this version on how to pronounce fashion designer’s names.

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Kristine Roa The Glamarazzi

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