Hey, Cebu! Visited Shopwise lately? That place is massive! And I thought the opening of Forever 21 Cebu was it – this place is just [insert superlative here]. We were lucky enough to warrant a grand tour and after how many hours of being in Shopwise, I have concluded our Top 10 Must Dos in Shopwise after this photo stream below. [More photos at The Stylecebu Facebook Page]


1.    Start early. You need a day at least.

2.    If you want to shop for clothes, invest time in deciding on a lookbook.
3.    Begin at the bottom all the way up.

4.    Do swatches, swapping and matching. The clothes and accessories aisles are right beside each other.
5.    Shop for your body type.

6.    Never second-guess your first pick.

7.    If they don’t have your size, a very accommodating skater boy (or girl) would be happy to get your request.

8.     When hungry, troop over to the Mongolian Buffet, Hot food section and salad bar. Yes, dessert bar too. Finish off at the Soda Foundation.


9.    Pay for your purchases at their own Elite Lane!*

10.     Buy shopping cards that can be used as debit cards for your next purchase!


*Elite Lane is for Elite Card Holders

Shopwise is located at Basak, Pardo where the old Rubberworld is located (in front of MCDO Pardo). Shopwise Cebu is open from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. daily. For more information, visit www.shopwise.com.ph or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/shopwisesupercenters.