When they say you don’t have to be a surfer just to wear a Sanuk, I thought that was the perfect excuse to grab a pair of these famous “These Are Not Shoes” sandals. When the boyfriend recently gave me a cute pair of floral flats, I thought it wasn’t really that bad to wear flats. Maybe I just give myself a hard time into thinking that I could never look good on shoes that doesn’t really do much to my height. Yes, ballet flats are just divine but I feel like only tall women look better. (insert pout here)

“This is what you get when you wish upon a star!”

Sanuk Stardust

•Super Soft, High Rebound, Molded EVA footbed featuring AEGIS Antimicrobial
•Handmade Cotton, Polyester Rib with Metallic Puff Paint Detail, Closed Seam Vamp
•Synthetic Liner
•Happy U Outsole
•Vegan and Vegetarian

Casual wear? Check. Traveling? Check. Beaches? Check. Work? Alright, alright.

This looks like it is going to stain easily but I can certainly recommend this to women who wanted to switch between their flip-flops or ballet flats!

The Sanuk Stardust has little silver studs all over it which I think is so Brian Atwood-adorable but I can’t guarantee that the silver will stay on the dots for that long. I tried popping in some gel foot supports inside even if they are already comfortable to wear and it turns out they cushion your every step just as more. The material is stretchable.

You can wear them with socks if you want. Or leg warmers. Or leggings. Have you?

About Sanuk
Sanuk was started by surfers in southern California in the late ’90s who were looking for footwear that reflected their lighthearted way of life. Founder Jeff Kelley was disappointed to see little selection in a category of footwear that had become his main shoe staple: the flip flop. Jeff had always been interested in footwear and with a little help from a few friends Sanuk was born. Years later, the Sanuk brand still delivers out of the ordinary, quality product to surf and specialty shops every season and has helped bring the flip-flop category from a summer only item to something worn all year.

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