When I got an anonymous email some time ago on what MAC brush was I using on my avatar, I got embarrassed because I feel like I’m holding out on my readers. Of course this particular MAC 217 brush deserves a review!

From MAC Cosmetics:

For shading or blending of color or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. M•A•C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.


Length: 17 cm

Why it is a huge hit–

1. MAC 217 Brush can be used for both powder and cream eyeshadow. I find this flexibility VERY useful. You can really maximize your tools yet minimize time at the same time.

2. It blends all hard edges like a breeze. Apply a dark eyeshadow at the crease of your eyes and watch how the MAC 217 blends the color around it and decreases the hard edges around your eyes. It instantly creates that soft dramatic look.

3. Again, the MAC 217 is multi-purpose. You can use alone with light eyeshadows and do a simple smokey eyed look.


4. The MAC 217 is made out of real animal hair which makes it susceptible to collect pigments well. One swipe of any eyeshadow and you can immediately see it packed on so much.  The bristles have a nice firmness to it butt is not harsh on lids nor scratchy on the skin.

5. For the OC people out there? White bristles get dirty easily and might be a problem for others. I love that the white hair can make me easily identify the color of the pigment well and help me adjust my formula right away. Unlike brushes with the regular black hair, you can hardly tell how much color you have on left and tend to overpack on so much color.

You do not have to be a pro to have this brush. The MAC 217 brush is helpful enough to accompany you with your makeup routine and does not give you any trouble at all. I have had the 217 brush for almost 3 years now and never complained since. I carry this with me whenever I can and protect it with a brush guard to keep the hairs in shape.

If there is one kind of brush you should buy to start collecting your makeup brush tools, the 217 brush should be the first on your list. xoxo

MAC Cosmetics is available in Cebu at Ayala Center, Rustan’s Department Store. The MAC 217 Brush is retailed at P1,700.