I’ve recently sat down (virtually – hey, we live in the digital times!) with Mark Tenchavez of Shandar Jewelry and now shoe designer and can I say I am in awe of such exquisite footwear? His creations are display-like quality, the kind that you want to place inside your curio cabinet for a lifetime until it collects dusts and so many compliments.

A shoe-monger like me can hardly keep it in display for so long especially when you know you want to show them off to your friends and marvel at how a piece of footwork could exude so much confidence out of you. Its like classroom show and tell except that we are no longer kids and we deign to tell where we got our very gorgeous pair of platform wedges. Hardly in Shandar’s case though – you would know in a hearbeat that it is a Mark Tenchavez creation and live enough after the heart attack of seeing such splendor to tell the tale.

Mark Tenchavez SHANDAR Shoes Launch CEBU

“It is important [in that way] it gives me my own identity on each design I make,” Mark says on ownership of design. “When people buy, it they know its from Shandar.”

Mark Tenchavez SHANDAR Shoes Launch CEBU

When he made his first Shandar Shoes in Cebu (naturally), he has already gained notoriety “the shoe designer who can make you tall!” It is insane! The more you customize, the crazier the requests! The weirdest was making a 12-inched pair. I can’t blame him, too. I had to crane my neck to beso Jude Bacalso on those 7-inched red suede wedges Shandar Shoes and even Yves Camingue was sporting those infamous grey leopard booties at the last Moony concert.

Mark Tenchavez SHANDAR Shoes Launch CEBU

You will definitely see more of those babies this Wednesday, June 8, at Luxxe Vudu for Shandar’s Launch – The Shoe Will Go On. I’m bummed that I wouldn’t have more time to have my own pair to wear this Wednesday but Mark has been verrry patient with me (Thanks, Mark!) so perhaps SOON I’ll be writing about my very own Shandar pair and wear it perhaps on malta holidays. We have another trip out of town come second quarter of the year. This trip will not be on another island because my bikinis have declared a strike! Yes, definitely this next trip will be on another city where I can certainly use more mileage on a new pair of footwear. In the meantime – hope to see everyone this Wednesday!

Catch our other conversations below. Toodles!

Mark Anthony Virtudazo Tenchavez
My friends call me Mark
Currently in Cebu
Single/Taken/Occupied – single
Cant live without item in bag/closet: perfume
If I’m not designing, Im hanging out with friends
Who is your favorite model? Linda evangelista
Are you a bag person, shoe or bling? bag
Which celebrity/personality would you want to see wearing Shandar jewelry/shoes? Local: Angel Aquino International: Lady gaga
Can you name the best shows you were in – local, international? local : Unang Hirit GMA 7 internatinal:Concoure de mode, paris france
To all aspiring jewelry and shoe designer, Believe in your design
Fashion for less or Labels all the way? Labels all the way
You’ll usually see me wearing denims and plain t-shirt when I’m not designing
They used to call me Markie in highschool.
I think the wheel is the best invention in history.
The best part about being a designer is  being respected by the community for your craft.
My favorite jewelry designer is David Yurman.
If I could be anywhere else in Cebu, I’d be in PARIS
You’d find mostly instrumental music in my iPod/cd player/car stereo.
My best recent purchase that I can’t get over with is an IPAD
I am proud of Cebu because it can stand on its own as a province not to dependent on manila but if only Cebuanos are more hard working.
What is your preferred standard style for making jewelry/shoes? If there is one. Classically elegant style
What are your favorite materials to work with? Any workable material , I love to experiment on materials
Where/Who do you draw inspiration from? The LORD
Can you name special press mentions you have had in the past/present? Recently Delicious by jude bacalso for CDN , Metro Scociety Magazine, August 2010.
How competitive DO YOU feel is the jewelry design/shoe design industry here in Cebu? Very competitive, its challenging
Being 100,000USD richer, do you plan to embark on a crazy travelling adventure or make more jewelry/shoes? Both because I can travel crazy and at the same time design, I get inspired by places, people and culture around me 😉
What would you describe the style you got going on? opulent
What do you think are the 5 things that define “looks”? Style, neatness,simplicity,color,design

Does one need to be in fashion school to be a designer even if he is not resourceful (finances-wise)? Not necessarily, you can never buy taste as a designer
Shopping/Fashion secrets. Do you have any? Know what to buy before shopping

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