Club Radio 93.1 Fm, 93rd and 1st Radio Lounge Cafe and San Miguel Light presents Black Light Costume Ball featuring International House Vocals Moony on May 7, 2011 at the Cebu Mariner’s Court Convention Hall. Be Part of the BIGGEST Party of 2011 and experience the revelry of your first Blacklight Costume Ball.


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About Moony
Monica Bragato aka Moony was born in Venice Italy and she’s got her first approach with music when she was very little.Moony got down to the serious business of writing her debut solo album Lifestories, The first single taken from the record was Dove (I’ll Be Loving You), which repeted the success had with Point of view. She appeared on the most famous tv programs as Top of the pops, Pepsi Chart, MTV and VIVA. This was followed by the second single from the album “Acrobats Looking for balance” that, once again, climb at the top of all the dance charts in the world. An explosive rhythm, touching lyrics and a unique voice allows Moony to become one of the greatest singer and song writer in the international dance scene of all times.

The third hit is called “Flying Away” with its catching “hook” was on Coca Cola advertising campaign for Asia. Lifestories, her first solo album contains 3 Ballads which exalt the abilities of moony in writing pop music. 14 tracks that leads you through different styles evoking emotions and feelings from your deepest soul. After many single taken out from the album and other and collaborations like De fact with Tommy Vee she wrote two more songs of great succes “For you love” and “He’s all I want “. After this she decided to test herself with other musical genres collaborating with musicians of great calibre, as Gianluca Mosole, writing and singing a moving song called “If you have a wish”. She’s always been interested in spiritual search and selfsustainable projects in third world countries and after dedicating most of her life to music she decided to leave the business scene for a sabbatic year going back and forth from India, the place she likes to define “her second home and first love” to dedicate herself to these projects.

Her single “I don’t know why” has three massive remixes. Jerome d’Isma-ae, one of the best remixer of the international dance scene, was able to create a great atmosphere with electronic strings and sinthetic chords that perfectly macht with the sweetness of a dreamy melody and the warmth of her stunning voice. On the other side the 90’s house taste version “Viale and dj Ross” gives to the song a happy uplifting flavour. I don’ know why is another great success, and reach the top of many charts all over the world. Literally made the Brasilians going out of their mind. Moony had the honor to sing in front of 3 million people during Carnival celebration in Salvador de Bahia. Little bird is the title the work that follows, three great remixes and on the dance floors it’s delirium!