Dining at Irie Gastropubliko

Glad I was able to get out that night because I met up with Ethy, Norman, Mike, Dom and Joanna. We started off first with dinner at Irie Gastropubliko and since it was our first time there since the gastropu opened, we just have to taste everything!

Sorry guys! This entry has moved. More of Irie Gastropubliko here.

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  • http://tambay.ph Sheena Bree

    I love their Angus Kebab! If you are into having a full meal I highly suggest you order the Angus Kebab. Careful with ordering the double serving (Php 250) though as you might think the single serving is not enough to suffice your hunger. The single serving (Php 180) alone is a hearty portion of a skewered tender Angus beef with spiced, perfect combo yogurt, garlic dip, and butter rice in Indian sauce. The fries were also a delight. As to the drinks, I would say girls get to be lucky on Wednesdays as they get to have two cocktails for the price of one.