This Friday, August 27, 2010, LIU•JO, will unveil their first ever fashion boutique here in Cebu, Philippines. An emerging Italian and now international fashion brand, LIU•JO features ultra feminine woven blouses, asymmetrical dresses, cardigans and leather jackets. Shopping in Cebu for LIU•JO is not just limited to resellers such as Linea Italia anymore. This friday’s opening of their Philippine branch will showcase a live mannequin display with AD Models.


About LIU•JO
LIU•JO is absolutely modern, global, self-confident and illustrates the evolution of an aesthetic code increasingly focussed on the full range of modern living contexts and daily needs of an multi-faceted actress. The woman of today is dynamic and independent and can choose among unique items and unexpected combinations, constantly focussing on new fashion trends and influences, although they remain feminine, sophisticated and elegantly self-assured. At the turn of every season, the inspiration ranges from the east to the West and LIU•JO gives an unmistakable Italian interpretation of items and details deriving from different cultures to reflect the open, international and cosmopolitan nature of our actress. She is spontaneously formal and comfortable during the day but is fascinated by retro atmospheres, artistic touches, vintage nuances and folk lines and surrenders to a softer and precious style in the evening. It is a tale of substance, functionality, precise cuts and details, unveiling a constantly curious and updated attitude, ranging between duty and pleasure, bon ton and casual style, sporty and relaxed approaches. research, quality and innovation are the added values of a creative philosophy aimed at new and constant achievements in terms of fabrics, treatments and colours.

From handicrafts to experimental research, a full transversal clothing line emerges in which all components interact to develop the style and identity of LIU•JO women. Each item is unique, clearly identified and at the same time open to combinations, matches and imaginative overlaps. LIU•JO means progressing Italian Style, marking the pace of time and moving fashion, it is a purely feminine and seductive image, the real symbol of a product and lifestyle brand addressing the future, albeit loyal to its authentic tradition.

Within the fashion industry, LIU•JO plays a leading role thanks to its broad and diversified range of clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and children.

In today’s increasingly selective and competitive market, LIU•JO owns a large brands portfolio characterized by worldwide presence, top brand positioning and remarkable brand notoriety and perception. The LIU•JO activities include the whole fashion industry by supplying a wide range of products.

Liu •Jo
An extremely feminine and glamorous clothing line, particularly focused on details.

Liu •Jeans
A denim inspired collection with an original and vibrant “street glam style”.

Liu •Jo accessories
An exclusive proposal of fashion accessories in line with the new trends, to be naturally combined the all LIU•JO clothing collections.

Liu •Jo Shoes
exclusively devoted to women shoes, in perfect combination with the accessory proposals.

Liu •Jo Junior
A creative and joyful total look for the junior world.

A comfortable collection for a self confident attitude, dedicated to sophisticated women with soft and flowing silhouettes.

Keep posted for full feature of Liu Jo’s opening soon here in InstyleCebu.

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