It is no secret that if you put a hot man and a guitar together, our hot barometer just skyrockets! Musician Jack Jackson probably made our boyfriends and husbands insecure once or twice whenever he gets on that stage and belts on a few notes. This is probably why we love to stalk him and check out what he is up to in the music and whaddayaknow the fashion industry.

Being a singer, songwriter, and surfer doesn’t just cut it. Our wow meter went off the scale when we found out he is involved with non-profit organizations that support environmental, art and music education.

Jack com havaianas

Jack Johnson was recently spotted in Rio de Janerio, Brazil to start off his To The Sea 2011 Tour. He recruits volunteers for upcoming tree planting and forest restoration projects, ocean clean-ups, and demonstrating both the destruction and solutions of plastic pollution along the way.

Guess what he is seen with?

jack com in havaianas

Our Jack Johnson is seen here signing off not wills but surf boards and planting trees with his very own date, a pair of Havaianas tops. How adorable! How gallant! Can I be his own charity? Hahah. Keep posted for the latest Havaianas Filipinas 2011 feature soon.

Check out and his website for more info.