Learn Fashion Accessory and Jewelry Design at FunDynamics Bead Workshops in Cebu

Hi everyone! I will be away for a week and might be posting less between those days. Please party and have fun in Cebu for me! Meanwhile, I’ll let you in on one of my favorite workshops since Stylissimo the Fun Dynamics Bead Workshops in Cebu!

Happening on August 29 from 9am-6pm, learn the basics of turning beads into precious works of art – your style at the Bead Workshop in Cebu! :)

Bead Design Workshop in Cebu

Learn a THERAPEUTIC craft a FUN and PROFITABLE Sideline Business! Design & create high-end, intricate, premium bead art jewelry pieces for SELLING or for PERSONAL USE.

Their modules are designed to give you a comprehensive discussion and at the same time complete hands-on exercises on PROFESSIONAL jewelry design customized to suit your level of expertise – be it beginner or advanced.

Fundynamics Training will bring these workshops to MANILA, CEBU and DAVAO and CDO(new!)

Seats are only limited

Seminar fee: Please check http://tinyurl.com/vizminworkshops

a. if you bring a friend, you ( the referrer) get 10% off.
b. if you bring 2 friends, you ( the referrer)get 15% off
c. if you bring 3friends, you ( the referrer) get 30% off
d.if you bring 4 friends, you ( the referrer) get 40% off
d. if you bring 5, you (the referrer) gets a FREE WORKSHOP

*discount can also be equally divided among the group in this cebu fashion school.  For more information, go to www.craftpinoy.com, call/text 0917-342-5000. Happy Tuesday! CYZU6YSZ58J2

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  • http://www.pensandlens.me Sweet

    Wow Kristine, this is going to be fun…Good thing Cebu has workshops like this now…we really need this more in Cebu…

    its hard to go away just for training or anything…

    Take Care love

  • http://theglamarazzi.com Kristine

    I know! I’m excited for this, too! :) Can’t wait with what I can come up with hihi

  • http://lifestyle-gohuntph.tumblr.com/ buy and sell philippines

    The Philippines government should provide more training like these. Because Filipinos are creative they need help from local government or private citizen to improve their lifestyle.

  • http://www.craftpinoy.com Em Mariano

    Hi Kristine,
    I am glad my staff was able to find your blog. otherwise, we wont be able to thank you for blogging about the workshop

    The schedule has been moved to Sep 11 for Beginners and sep12 for Advanced Wiring.

    Thank you so much!
    We hope to see you and your friends!

    God bless!