Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez probably didn’t have any idea that this was going to be a hit but when he created Zumba (gumba, sumba) in the 1990s, everyone picked up and it was on everyone’s lips hips since!

Zumba in Cebu at Level Ei8ht Adnama Building

The breakthrough new exercise regimen Zumba is finally in Cebu! This summer, Level Ei8ht together with Drawingboard Creative Studios is inviting everyone to join the first ever Zumba classes in Cebu. Zumba classes with licensed Zumba instructor Emma Satchell and certified member of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America will feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.

Quit working out – join Zumba instead! Its hip, hot and fashionable, Cebu! Zumba sessions at Level Ei8ht will begin on April 4 at just a minimum offer of P1,500 per month for students and P1,800/month for standard rates.

For inquiries on Zumba, contact Sandra at 032-2360027 to 28, local 124. Level Ei8ht is located at 8/F Adnama Bldg. North Reclamation Cebu City