//updated as of January 23, 2012

I believe our brows make or break our entire look. This is probably why Market America and Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger aim to push one of their bestselling products, the Motive Cosmetic’s Essential Brow Kit. I think I’ve hauled enough Motives® Cosmetics to last me for a year! Haha.

Motives® Essential Brow Kit $29.95 or P1,300+

Makeup Review: Motives Cosmetic's Essential Brow Kit

Application –

Dab on the sleek brow wax for control and shine. This tames this brow hair into place.
For lighter coverage, use the lightest powder and for fuller and striking coverage, use the darker one.
Sculpt brow into place.



Lasting power up to 4 hours. Perfect for everyday use.
I’m in love with waxing my brows pre-brow powder. It just sets them in place. Yes, they behave like kids waiting for their turns at the slides.
The brow colors are matte.
The brow kit does let you have glamorous and sexy brows!
No smell.
The packaging is loooooove! The kit comes with its own tiny angled brush, too.
And the mirror? Ayayay.
No fall out with the powder – no worries! It doesn’t fade.


If you dip the brush from the wax to the powder, it hardens the powder and makes it impossible to collect the color.


Recommendation –

Albeit you can use Motive’s Brow Kit for everyday use, there are certain days that you’d like your brows to be daring and “out there.” This clearly cannot do that job for me since they are as subtle as they can be. I’ve tried MAC’s brow kit and I find that it lasts longer than Motives.

taken from the mobile phone – brows done by bff Eden of Chicinthetropics.com


Like most brow kits, Motives Essential Brow Kit comes with two colors. You can mix both color to create that “daring look”. I did learn a new technique from makeup beauties Maricarl and Noe – dab on highlighting powder under and lower your brow hairs before putting on the desired brow powder on your brow hairs! Yes, it does make sense. Having a highlighter for your brows is definitely new for me but I love it!

Motives® Essential Brow Kit and all Motives Cosmetics are sold by Market Philippines. Contact us for inquiry, pricing and distribution of Motives Cosmetics Cebu. Thanks! Please watch out for other Motives Cosmetics’ review soon. I will be posting also the Motives Cosmetics launch at Margarita Cuisine and a very exciting demo of Motives Cosmetics by Menchu Ouano-Esdaile ASAP. Keep posted! Toodles!