Cebuano fashion designer Cary Santiago, yes, THE Cary Santiago whom I got a thousand hits because of search listings for him, and THE Cary Santiago who won Best Evening Gown Designer at the Miss Cebu 2010, whose gown was worn by Miss Cebu 2010 Fourth Runner-Up Carole Monique de Leon, bowled us over with his new designs! Before you say that was the longest introduction in 2010, can I just say that Cary Santiago Jimmy Choo-esque himself and designed not gowns but uber sought after Cary Santiago shoes

Cary Santiago Shoes for Maldita

Cary Santiago Shoes maldita 3 Cary Santiago Shoes Maldita 4 Cary Santiago Shoes Maldita 5 Cary Santiago Shoes Maldita 6 Cary Santiago Shoes Maldita 7 Cary Santiago Shoes Maldita 8 Cary Santiago Shoes Maldita 9 Cary Santiago Shoes Maldita2

Partnering with local retail brand Maldita, Cary Santiago designed uber hot heels and platforms that screams why-am-I-buying-shoes-in-the-States again. You’d know in the future but this goes to show that we don’t really have to go all the way as putting the security code on our credit cards just to get those fab Cary Santiago shoes sent to us from the all over the world.

Cary Santiago Shoes Maldita2

The Cary Santiago shoes were first shown at Cary Santiago’s fashion show hosted by Metro and Metro Society Magazine late last year. Cary Santiago shoes for Maldita is all ready out in all Maldita stores. I saw one pair that retailed at P4,900. Not bad! If you can’t own a Cary Santiago gown, a Cary Santiago pair of shoes will suffice for now.

Maldita is located at the 2nd floor, Paseo Solana, Ayala Center Cebu and 2nd floor, SM City Cebu. (Photo credit Ericka Bugia for