I ran into Kaye Olfindo online when I was browsing through friends’ site and her multiply happened to be referred at random. Since then I started stalking (creepy, Kaye!) her multiply and wishing that somehow I have all the time in Manila to go see her shop and have something customized. Not to discount Cebu fashion designers and stylists at large but being a purveyor of fashion makes you want to try everything new and it just doesn’t limit to Cebu.

Kaye Olfindo owns and manages Kstyled ready-to-wear line launched five years ago. Since then, her career as a fashion stylist and love for fashion brought her to design items that were consigned in boutiques all over the world. “Fortunately for me I’ve had clients outside Manila, and even outside the Philippines,” says Kaye. “I’ve had orders from Baguio, Cebu, US, New Zealand, etc.  Since everything is made to order, we coordinate via email and skype for measurements, designs, etc.”

Kaye specializes now in made-to-order items from casual outfits to formal wear. Her dresses are gorgeous! Her classic styles are something I would wear and some custom pieces she designs are edgy and sexy – a huge plus! Lately, she just released her 2010 Satin et Lacet (Satin and Lace) Collection and her Art to Wear Collection.

Satin et Lacet 2010
Taking inspiration from the reels of film noir, the collection fuses the romantic elements of satin and lace with deep, dark plums and black. Silhouettes fit for a dainty princess are given a hard edge, transforming the look into one most becoming a princesse sombre. Pale gold and yellow lace lightens the outward impression of our femme fatale, but satin with a metallic sheen adds grit and mystique.

Art to Wear 2010

Fueled by the success of her airbrushed miniskirts, Kaye is collaborating once more with local artist Vernon Perez to produce one-of-a-kind dresses. Boasting of unique prints, each dress is a piece of wearable art, with templates drawn, cut, and airbrushed by hand. The fact that everything is done by hand means that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

Denim is used as the canvas as the fabric holds well against airbrushing and its weave doubles as a textural element in the designs, adding to the quirky feel of each dress. Silhouettes are kept simple to allow the airbrushed prints to stand out.

While the dresses in the collection are made of denim, other fabrics can be used to create pieces that can truly express one’s individuality.

For more information, contact Kaye Olfindo through the following:

MOBILE 0920.961.5587 and 0923.776.05.68
EMAIL kaye@kayeolfindo.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/kayeolfindo
ADDRESS: (by appointment only)
466 Adalla Street, Palm Village, Makati