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//update – CONTEST WINNERS HAVE BEEN RAFFLED ALREADY. Keep posted next week for announcements!

Hello, Cebu! I wanted to put up a separate page for all giveaways and contests which we will be having regularly in the future – thanks to our generous sponsors endorsers and happy campers. Right now, to officially launch InstyleCebu’s Contest Page for September, we will be raffling off two gift certificates from Maribago Bluewater. The beach resort in Mactan is located at Buyong Mactan Island, Lapulapu City Cebu, Philippines.

Maribago Themed Dinner
InstyleCebu, together with the organizers of Cebu Blog Camp, will be giving away two tickets to the lucky winners of the September contest to Maribago Bluewater’s Themed Dinner for Two.

Maribago Allegro

Before we go ooh and aah, we just have a few questions for you before we start handing out these gift certificates. Anyone who answers the questions will just place their comments below and we will be raffling off the winner before September 18. How’s that? The question is:

If you could have any themed dinner you want, which theme would be ideal for you?

There you go! Easy peasy, right? The contest rules are fair, too:

1. We will close the entries on September 18, 2010, 11:59 pm, Manila Time.
2. The more comments, the better. Variety is a plus.
3. Open to Cebu and Manila residents only. (sorry, friends!)
4. Gift Certificates are transferrable.
5. Transportation to and from the venue will no longer be provided by InstyleCebu.
6. Open to ALL ages.
7. No substitute prize is available and there is no cash equivalent.
8. InstyleCebu reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. Prizes must be redeemed within 30 days of winning or concert date, whichever is shortest time or the winner forfeits the prize.
9. Writers of InstyleCebu, our advertisers, affiliates, and immediate families are not eligible to participate or win.
10. By participating in the contest, contestants and winners agree to allow the use of their name, voice and likeness for promotional purposes.

Whew. I apologize if I bore you with the details! Hahah. Trust me – this is worth it! Winners are going to be announced via Randomizer. I haven’t tried that site yet but my friends have attested to its unbiased raffling so there! Good luck, Cebu!

ps. Questions? Email

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Kristine Roa The Glamarazzi

**Photos taken from the Maribago website. Reproduction without consent is not allowed.

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  • leelai

    If I could have a dinner in any theme it would be a library setting, polished wood-paneled, bookshelves scaling floor to ceiling with equally tall windows in between. And let there be books, mountains of books, rare collections, classics, pieces from the most well-known and most loved writers and philosophers — piled on the floor and on polished wood tables, or resting on plush chair arms. In the nearly hidden sciences corner are crammed the theories of Biology, Astronomy, and Metaphysics, where, to my surprise, Albert Einstein sits sleeping on the floor with a book on his lap. But in the center, where a rich Persian rug warms the floor, is me and a friend having a sumptuous feast that will rival the March Hare and Mad Hatter’s boisterous tea party. :)))

  • leelai

    Or if not, set me up in the most glamorous shoe closet in the world, where a woman’s biggest BFFs sit and preen when not out at some fabulous party scene. Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Gucci, and Chanel in various strappies, pumps, sky-high stilettos, and top drawer boots line shoe shelves in neat military rows…while I

    am barefoot, in iridescent blue layered silk-tulle and chiffon-organza beautifully spread out on the floor, partaking generously in The Cove’s seafood delights of every kind — lobster, shrimp, crab, and succulent fish portions that please the palate and overjoy the uvula. Of course, my friend is still with me, the cornucopian feast spilling softly from hands and mouth.

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  • Genalyn

    My idea of a themed dinner is vintage style! Ruffles – large umbrellas, vintage furniture and sepia mode!

  • Dawnie Tagala

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Japanese themed dinner? Imagine yourself in a kimono sitting in a zen garden with tea lights scattered all over the place together with the soothing sound of water from a bamboo fountain. The place would be structured, minimalistic and serene. You will be first served with tea that has a couple cherry blossom petals floating on it. The beautifully colored appetizers will come next. Then you will sink your teeth on a refreshing salad of cucumber, crab sticks, ripe mango and cabbage. Your meticulously prepared main dish will come next which already includes gigantic prawn tempuras, beef terriyaki and all sorts of sushis. The dinner will be splendidly ended with jelly and fruits topped with delicate vanilla ice cream. All of these while some Japanese stringed instruments play in the background. That’s right. Imagine that!

  • Jon

    How about first class dining on the Titanic theme. So it’s going to be a Victorian style dinner. Set a formal table with fine linens, china and crystal. Candlelight and a profusion of flowers and it’s good to go.

  • Jon

    There are times when we all need a bit of comfort. It is a party designed not so much to wallow in your sorrows, but to laugh things off in the company and comfort of close friends eating comfort food.

  • Christian

    Themed dinner? Luau! or Greek! Tin, you have my email na, diba!:) I hope I win!

  • shie

    i’d love to dine bohemian style..dining is all about relaxation, so an unconventional and artistic feel will be perfect. not to mention i’d love to channel that boho chic in me.

  • aysasia

    avatar-movie themed dinner. it’s all about the connection. 😀
    forest like place. much more of nature. navi and avatars all over.

  • Gilbert Zabate aka Savannah Zabate

    well i would love to have a moroccan theme. it would be exotic, mysterious and romantic at the same time….;)

  • sweet

    Sounds fun, best of luck for the winner…

    miss Cebu already :(

    kisses tin

  • Iris

    Definitely Roman style! Lounging on couches while eating, wearing tunics is as Roman as it gets!

  • yo!

    i would want an around the world themed dinner. nothing really fancy except that the food served would be famous dishes (the best) from different countries. a production number (national dances perhaps) for entertainment would be a huge plus

  • yo!

    it would also be interesting to have a fear factor inspired dinner. throw me any kind of food and lets see if i have the balls to eat them. Or you could create dishes and make them in weird shapes/figures just to scare the participant yet they’d be surprised how tasty it would turn out. that would be a pleasant surprise dont you think?

  • Kristine Roa

    HI everyone! Keep those entries coming!! :) Last day tomorrow!

  • Christine Paula Love R. Bernasor

    The perfect dinner theme for me would be A Romantic Night in Paris. Everything is exquisitely French and the dinner is under the stars.

  • Paolo B.

    Call me a dork, but I’ve always dreamed of having Harry Potter themed dinner. Go ahead, you can laugh at me now. But really, I have been obsessed with the HP series since I was 10 years old, and one thing (among the very many) I like about the way J.K. Rowling writes is that she always makes it a point to mention the dishes that the characters are eating. I would love to have a meal set in the Hogwarts’ Great Hall, where the ceiling has been bewitched to look like the sky outside (but without the negative effects such as rain and snow that will surely ruin your meal, of course).

    Impossible, yes… but it doesn’t hurt to dream!

    But ultimately, however, I don’t think a dinner’s theme matters as much as the people you are having dinner with (did I just go from dorky to corny in a matter of seconds? Haha!). If you truly enjoy your company, then any dinner – regardless of the theme – would definitely be “ideal”.

  • Kai

    Would it be Venice or Wonderland?

    I’m actually torn between a Venetian and an Alice in Wonderland theme. But it suddenly hit me that I can have these 2 elements combined!

    When one thinks of Venice, these two things come to mind: the gondola and the Venetian masks worn during the city’s festivities. My ideal themed dinner’s setting would be on a make-shift gondola covered by rich Persian rugs. For the full effect, the make shift gondola can be brought near the lake or by the seashore. And of course, we will be donning Venetian masks the entire time we’ll have dinner. We’d prefer those masks that don’t cover the mouth though, how are we going to sample the dishes? hahahah

    An assortment of chinaware will be present just like the Mad Hatter’s tea party. The waiters/waitresses themselves will be wearing card costumes just like the live playing cards who painted the white roses for the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland. Vivaldi’s violin concertos will be played lightly in the background. He was one of Venice’s popular musicians.

    If possible, one of the dishes served will be one of Venice’s signature dishes, the bisato. Or perhaps the city’s sought after sweets: the pan del pescatore, bussolai and the fregolotta. We can finish the night by smoking the hookah, just like what the Caterpillar did in Wonderland.

  • Anais

    I’d go for a “view from the top” dinner theme! i’ll be in a flight attendant’s uniform while my date will be my pilot for the night’s flight,eeer, I mean dinner. =D
    food will be served ala business class of course

  • crzyjay

    i’ve always been fascinated by the mafia so a GODFATHER themed dinner would be awesome. the hats, the suits, the shoes, the cigar. women in fancy dresses. bodyguards on standby. blues music on the background. guns blazing. bossing around the waiter. truly its an offer you cant refuse.