Didn’t I just run this contest for two weeks? I had an amazing response from Cebu – thank you so much. Unfortunately, I had to take down comments that were super bogus because number one, their email addresses were not valid and number two, they didn’t write down their names.  Too bad.

Now the actual number of contestants are:

1. Leelai
2. Christine
3. Genalyn
4. Dawnie
5. Jon
6. Christian
7. Crzjay
8. Anais
9. Kai
10. Paolo Berdin
11. Lelai
12. Yo
13. Iris
14. Gilbert
15. Ayasia
16. Shie
17. Christian
18. Jon

And Randomizer picked this number: 14

Congratulations to Gilbert Zavannah Zabate!

Please email me right away at marketing@instylecebu.com for claiming your prize. Winner has until September 24 to claim GC.

Thanks again for joining everyone!