What is your label? Find out at LABELED CEBU!

When a place is stocked with a complete line of flavoured vodka, imported beer, premium vodka, and hey – Jack Daniels solo –

Perhaps some would throw in their bottle keep from other bars for this place that offers the cheapest prices of liquors that is comparable to your local grocery stores. Drinking at the side of the road near a local convenience store before heading to your favourite nightclub? Load up at Labeled instead and you’ll pay for almost the same thing and still be in your favourite nightclub!


So at Labeled – you can dine, lounge, drink, dance and chill and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in that order. The location is quite off base to what regular nightowls in Cebu would be accustomed to. All roads lead to Crossroads, IT Park, Banilad , Escario on weekends and us people from the South couldn’t be happier!

Toni Despojo as Tricia G!

 Owned by a group of friends with Michael Ng at the helm, the bar’s name refers to customers labelling bottles to keep so that they can come back for it anytime. Check out our labels during their opening night. FUN FUN FUN here.
Labeled is located at Green Orkid Commercial Center, Escario St., Cebu. They are open from 530pm for dining customers and close at 3am. Parking is available and so if WIFI.