Nivea, the skin care brand for life has launched 2 new revolutionary products that target to enhance the lives of Filipinas: Pure and Natural Products for a more natural protection and Express Hydration lotion that hydrates skin and repairs 8 signs of dry skin. When our lifestyle has become too toxic for us, who do we turn to? Is having all the right vitamins and exercise ever enough?

How hectic and complacent we have become in our daily routine actually shows in our skin. Whenever a friend calls on my “I-don’t-like-water-because-its-tasteless” attitude, I had to chalk it up to karma and really, really dry skin. Perhaps if I have been more of a water-drinker, my entire skin type would go through a major overhaul. Yes, I’m the dry-skin type that hardly has any skin product made for her just because almost everyone is practically oily-type kinds. I am thirsty for hydration, friends, and it is not even funny.

A gift for you from Nivea Phils –

Express Hydration Lotion 125ml
Pure & Natural Spray
Pure & Natural Wipes

Nivea helps us meet our basic needs in life and prevent the factors that make our skin (and lifestyle) unhealthy. Their latest Pure & Natural products and my now favorite cannot-live-without-item in my dresser Express Hydration Body Lotion have given a all new fresh outlook and perspective on MY lifestyle choices. How I connect with the brand’s DNA on enhancing our lives has already become a livelihood that I will forever welcome into my daily subsistence.

Instylecebu and Nivea will be giving away the following to healthy readers who can answer this question –

When our lifestyle has become too toxic for us, who do we turn to?

Just type in your answer at the comment box to receive the gift above and we will raffle off the best answers in two weeks. Can’t wait to hear about your lifestyle choices! Join the Nivea Phils community in Facebook, at – .


Kristine Roa The Glamarazzi

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