Ooooooh, I love pasalubongs or otherwise known in English as souvenirs or homecoming gifts. When my friend from Spain came back from well, Spain, she brought me these and others (and by others it translates to stuff that I didn’t take photos anymore because they were now digested teehee). Thanks Paula!

Nivea Visage Eye Makeup Remover and Labello Natural Volume For Lips

The one in vertical horizon is an eye makeup remover by Nivea and the one lying down is a lip gloss slash conditioner slash plumper from Labello. Perhaps I might write a review about them soon but I’m totally loving the Labello Natural Volume for Lips. I guess Nivea owns Labello because the packaging and its likeness to Nivea Q10 Lip effect is too coincidental. Do you know that Labello is a century-old brand of lip balm stick? Labello lip care is also sold under the name Labello Nivea, Liposan and Nivea Lip Care – so that explains it!

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