I want to repost something that I have published a while back. I cannot even remember the date anymore but sometime ago, I wrote for Zee Lifestyle Magazine, a periodical that features Cebu (and Davao) fashion and lifestyle bi-monthly. I love that magazine and everything it stands for!

Besides their fashion issue being a favorite of mine, they also dedicate an entire month on travel and package holidays! There have been stories of traveling in Bali, talks of an oasis in Tokyo, cultura immersion in Athens and also a feature on a local destination in the Visayas, Sumilon Island. Perhaps in the future (Hi, katsy!) I will be handing in another article related to travel this time.

Below is the book review of a fashion book I was hearting a while back on shoes by Paolo Jacobbi:

I Want Those Shoes by Paola Jaccobi

by Kristine Roa

When you see mules, pumps, and boots all digested in one reading haven, you cannot help but feel the same magic moment whenever you first set your sight on a gorgeous Gucci hobo. I Want Those Shoes by Italian author Paola Jacobbi unearthed a closetful of footsies and praised each one of them in this charming book of hers.

An ode to the mules. A lullaby to the platforms. A religion for pumps. You must have the shoe gene to appreciate this book or you wouldn’t understand at all why Jaccobi stresses out a woman’s penchant to rearrange half of her closet to make room for her sandals or why Imeldistas are happy people who lives on their shoe collection. Not only truisms of every woman’s relationship with a pair of Manolos come in this entertaining manual but also lengthy advices that will help the next time a woman slips on those next pair. The politics of shoe shopping is so overwhelming. Here Jaccobi indulges that obsessions by pointing out the styles and cultural significance of women’s footwear and their attachment to it.

There is so much to know! Only a shoeholic like Jaccobie have the balls to say that ankle boots are simple a no-no and her words immediately become gospel. When someone tells you that looking for shoes is like finding the right guy it means that someone doesn’t know where to shop! This charming little book that offers sage advice on how to choose the right heel type is the perfect little tribute to the Imelda in all of us.

Kristine Roa The Glamarazzi

**This book review is published by Zee Lifestyle Magazine in 2008. Reproduction without consent is not allowed. Poster photo by taken from the web.