Job fairs in Cebu that are held just after graduation month is sweet and timely! There are so many ways we can help out to the unemployed and one of them is to join Parkmall Cebu’s  Graduation Shindig this Friday that is participated by the different call centers in Cebu.

Instyle Cebu Events | Parkmall Graduation Shindig


60th Earth Hour in the Philippines

The 60 Earth Hour countdown is at 7:30PM on Saturday, the 27th. Live reggae music performance by the band named Big Marvin and the Wigiws will entrain while the program will run an hour before the Earth Hour shut off time which is at 8:30PM.

About Earth Hour
Since its inception three years ago, the Earth Hour has captured the world’s imagination by becoming a global phenomenon. Earth Hour 2009 inspired one Billion people in 4100 cities and 88 countries to switch off. Over 10 Million Filipinos in 647 towns, cities and municipalities joined in – more than anywhere else on Earth. This year Earth Hour Philippines aims for the participation of over 15 Million Filipinos in over 1000 towns and cities nationwide. Globally, 807 cities, towns and cities in 82 countries across every continent have already signed up.

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