A few pop up shops have tried their luck with the sugar lovers in Cebu but none has come close to making them total converts of everything “sugar and spice and sweet and nice”.

Will Patty’s Cheesecake treats make you change your mind then?

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Home based pastry chef, Patricia Nell Tan started making her cheesecakes at the comforts of her home. Then took a step into sharing her treats to the public – to dessert-lover me and my friends. You cannot imagine the indulgence! It was my dear friend Ethy’s birthday weekend getaway that night, too, so Pattycakes was just the cheesecake on top of his cake!

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From l-r: The birthday boy, Ethy, Justine, Marco, Patty and Vanessa

In 7 different flavors, these premium cheesecakes are every bit as delectable as the next one  – Blueberry, Mango, Lychee for the fruit lovers; and Truffles, Chocolate Hazelnut, Mint and Cappuccino Fudge for the chocoholics.

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Light. Soft. Subtle.

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Mango: P850/Whole | P115/slice

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Not a huge fan of mint desserts but this one is worth a try!
Mint: P1050/Whole | P140/slice

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One of the bestsellers among them. If this does not drive your partner wild, keep the cake and replace him. Hahah! I kid.
Truffles: P1200/Whole | P145/slice

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The bed is made up of crushed Oreos cookies and the dollop of blueberry topping on top of the insanely moist cheesecake is too much for the heart I think my sweet tooth just had a micro heart attack – something that is oddly welcome when you sink your teeth into this!
Blueberry: P800/Whole | P110/slice

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Swoon, swoon, swoon. Another huge favourite of mine! And is that a – yes, a Ferrero Rocher ball! How generous! It created the perfect exclamation mark to how delicious this is!
Choco Hazelnut: P1050/Whole | P140/slice

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This is also another favourite. Do you know Lychee and cream cheese are bestfriends? Bring them together and you get extreme versions of the sublime. You do not know if it’s the burst of freshness or the tangy chilled cream around it but you certainly want to try again to replicate such experience!
Lychee Cheesecake Php850/Whole | Php115/slice

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Call/text 09177006065 for delivery! Orders should be at least 2 days in advance. Or Visit Banilad Town Center’s Sunday Food Market.

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Thanks Patty!