Im so proud of Clarisa and Angel for pulling all the stops as they launch at Luxx Vudu earlier in September. The place was packed! I guess this has everything to do with the lovely Jude Bacalso who hosted the event.

PinoyGreatDeals Launch Luxx Vudu

To quote from my published post at the Freeman, “More happy campers were also winners of amazing raffle prizes. Among them were Signature Massage Treatments at White Sands Resort and Spa, overnight stay for two at Waterfront, overnight Stay at San Remegio Beach Club for four, and overnight stay for two at Cebu Grand Hotel. Three winners of “All For One and Color Me Badd” concert, Red Velvet Jia Limtong cupcakes, Belle Trio Fashion Accessories, Create-Your-Own-Burger treat at Frontgate, Professional SLR camera cleaning at Gizmo, Laundry services by Garment Valet Laundry and Eat-All-You-Can at Tsim Sha Tsui. Wade Shoes, Cebuano Tours and Kopiroti also gave away some prizes as well.” More photos of the launching here.

I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Clarisa, too!

> Will PinoyGreatDeals be solely for Cebu market only or maybe in future you plan to expand? We plan to expand in Manila after we have made a name in Cebu.
> How often does the site refresh its deals? We plan to refresh every 15th and 30th of the month. We don’t want to bombard the subscribers with emails every three days.
> What specifically is the site’s target market? Female, single and married, working and housewives. We love to shop! So that is our biggest demographics

> For now, where does the site aim to generate more deals from – food/beverage, retail, travel, etc? We aim to concentrate on travel, food, spas and salons.
> Is Philippine Cyber Ventures a company in Cebu? Can you tell me more about the company, like how it started or PinoyGreatDeals is just part of it? 🙂 Philippine Cyber Ventures is a company in Cebu that made Pinoy Great Deals.
The company is comprised of me (Clarisa Bernal) as Chief Operations Manager, Neil Anthony Bernal (Chief Financial Officer) and Ma. Angela Briones(Operations Manager), those are the three owners. We have also a British Business Development Manager named Samantha Petty (super cool gal)

> What makes PinoyGreatDeals different from the others? (To be fair, hardly group buying sites have personal pages on them like your blog – that is going to be a hit) We also want to give back to the community so we are partnering with Rotary Gloria Maris (coming up soon) and we loved having the blog page because we want people to interact. We also want Pinoy Great Deals to be the site where people check out on what is the latest events in Cebu. We really want to reach out and we love replying to the questions of the subscribers.

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