When we think about all the fine men and women that are serving our country, the one thing that not many people know is the pride they take to look good for the public. We might not know it, but it is not easy to look clean, after they are done with their training drills, and practices that they need to go through every day. With that being said, it is always a good idea to have more shirts for them to wear, as they will never know what might happen during the course of their day.


While the department that they are working in will issue a few shirts for them to wear, one thing for sure is the fact that it will never be enough. EMT shirts can be stained with blood or other debris during a call out. The amount of times that they can get called out in a single day is overwhelming, and on every single call they give 100% effort to make sure that the person in trouble is taken care of. Being dirty is something that cannot be avoided, but at the same time we can make sure that they are presentable, by making sure they have more shirts on hand to change if it is needed.

Station wear is something that is worn around the station, but at the same time when they are being dispatched; their gear is worn over the shirts. Since every second is important, these shirts need to be able to provide not only the comfort, but safety of the person wearing it as well. Getting more shirts to wear around the station is also a good thing, as they can even be worn around the house. Since they are comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis and their designs are rather cool to look at.

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