Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been cooking something up for the Holidays. Pretty excited for this week’s giveaway – gifts from Starbucks, Havaianas, Topshop, L’oreal and more up for grabs. Please stay tuned before the week ends. Christmas couldn’t be more generous around here!

My article on Club Radio’s Anniversary was published two Wednesdays ago and I’m proud to say that I’m officially on The Freeman’s payroll. Oh, wait. It sounded too formal let me try again. I AM NOW WRITING FOR FREEMAN LIFESTYLE EVERY WEEK ISN’T THAT AMAZING? Forgive the caps, I’m just too happy and I wanted to give a huge congratulations shoutout to my friend Dennis Paolo Mendoza for Club Radio’s 1st Year Anniversary. He flew in Danny Bond of the Bassmonkeys to Cebu and if you don’t know who Danny Bond is you might be in the wrong blog teehee.

CEBU, Philippines – A birthday greeting is in order and 93.1 Club Radio FM is the first on our list. The radio station, which brought you Mark Doyle of Fierce Angel, Stonebridge, Bonnie Bailey and more, celebrated their first year anniversary last November 13 at The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu. Club Radio DJs such as Marvin Evangelista opened the show before Danny Bond of the Bassmonkeys showed up onstage, to the delight of music lovers who are followers of the greatest dance producer of all time.

Turning one year older for Club Radio proved to be a challenge to Dennis Paolo Mendoza, event extraordinaire and head honcho of Club Radio Cebu. “At the very start, nobody really gave us a chance in the industry,” mused Paolo. “Being a new player, it was definitely an uphill climb. But at the same time, I knew that Cebu would welcome us with open arms. It was just a matter of time, that Club Radio 93.1 FM would be one of the top radio stations in town.”

You can read the rest of the article here. This is how my interview with Paolo ACTUALLY went. Hahah. That man is a silly fun-loving guy with a huge and humble heart.

How does it feel to turn one year older (for Club Radio)?
AWESOME!!! At the very start, nobody really gave us a chance in the industry. Being a new player, it was definitely an uphill climb. But at the same time, I knew that Cebu would welcome us with open arms. It was just a matter of time, that Club Radio 93.1 FM would be one of the top radio stations in town..Also, It’s just been such an amazing year, we brought over 4 international artists and we plan to do bigger productions for 2011.

Who else is manning the station besides the superhuman Paolo Mendoza?

Hahahaha!! Superhuman?? I dont think so, =). I still oversee the everyday radio operations including marketing. I also have great team of partners that give their input and their 2 cents on what should be done to improve the station. Great people like Blonx Tirol and Mike Solon.. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves and surrounding the station with people like them, I expect us to be at the top really soon.

How many Djs does Club radio have so far?
Just me!!! haha kidding.. We have 3 regulars and I do a couple of days of the week to help out.. At the start, I really wanted the music to speak for itself so thats why I just wanted to limit the amount of DJs. But next year, when we move to Ayala, I intend to atleast double that and get a fresh new batch of DJs. We are focusing our recruitment in adding female DJs to our team …

Paolo, Blonx Tirol, and Danny Bond

Who else do you want to thank for this year for helping out Club Radio turn out to become the best station in Cebu?

KRISTINE ROA!! SERIOUSLY! Your support has just been AWESOME.. Also, I really want to thank all our partners, SMB Light, RCTV 36, Alcordo Advertising,  and our clients who advertised in 93.1 FM.. HAHAHA.. Most importantly, Club Radio 93.1 FM wouldnt be possible without the support of our FANS… we continue to bring great radio programming and epic events for the fans!! without them we wouldnt exist.

I see that you are opening 93rd and 1st bar – another feat for Club Radio, how is that opening/launching turning out?

Hectic!! hahaha.. we got a bit delayed on the opening but we should open no later than the 1st week of December. 93rd and 1st will be the 1st ever bar that has full FM station inside. So next month, FANS can now visit the station at 93rd and 1st and have a couple of drinks or a cup of coffee inside the bar and at the same time interact with our DJs live on 93.1 FM. Club Radio will still have an office at the Mariners Court Convention Center but most of the radio operations will now be inside 93rd and 1st, Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.

Any upcoming news for the people of Cebu to expect from Club Radio in the next year?


Psyche! Please delight in the pictures below. Thanks Paul Gotiong and Sean Sabado of Backspace Studio for most of the shots.

I honestly think me and my friend Eden were going for a red-themed night.

Club Radio FM Anniversary Cebu

On Eden – Top: select gray tank, Skirt: Yves Identify Scuba Maxi, Accessories: Dsknkt, Shoes: Parisian.
And yey, I found red tights!

Red Tights from Accessorize Cebu

Accessories: Christmas Nights Bazaar IT Park, Shoes: Nine West Jostle Bronze Suede/Black Leather

Have a merry, merry Christmas!!

G/F SM City Cebu Northwing
North Reclamation
Mandaue City, Cebu 6014

G/F Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu Business Park
Cebu City

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Kristine Roa The Glamarazzi

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