Liu Jo makes aesthetic references to fashion’s stylish eras and injects it into its fresh collection of contemporary wardrobe essentials that look just as vogue on the runway as they are on the streets of New York and Paris.

Understated glamour and sophistication is a trademark of Liu Jo and the Italian brand breathes the same refinement into the season’s latest trends through clever, albeit playful, manipulation of fabrics, silhouettes and techniques. The result is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classics perfectly suited for the fashion pilgrim sashaying from fall through winter and even in the seasons to come.

Two sources of inspiration characterize the fall/winter collection of  Liu Jo:  Contemporary Retro and Luxe Boheme.

The brand lets you indulge your feminine side with key pieces from Contemporary Retro which borrows the stylistic imagery of the 40s and 50s interpreted in tight and semi-soft lines with focus on the waist and silhouette. Jacket and coats in bi-stretch, pebbled and flowing fabrics are worn with tight dresses, slim skirts and skinny pants. Women will love the delicate details such as crystal applications, jewel buttons, vintage brooches, fur necks and cuffs and clashing gold zippers which appear occasionally for good measure.

A  luxury version of grunge inspired by the 1970s and 1990s features prominently in the Luxe Boheme collection and employs varying materials such as embroidered silk mix with vintage woollen fabrics to create a glam hip effect. The collection also carries cardigans which can be worn as overcoats with mini feminine dresses as well as frocks in soft volumes and straight silhouettes.

Meanwhile, Italy’s romantic spirit meets neo-folk urban in Liu Jo’s Jeans Women’s Collection. Transform into a Downtown Folk Chic in seventies-inspired tight coats, bell bottoms and structured jackets paired with sophisticated silk tops, chinos and Vichy poplin shirts for a renewed urban style.

Liu Jo is available in the Philippines at Ayala Center in Cebu