Motives Cosmetics, the pride and joy of Loren Ridinger, has already penetrated the market of Cebu. Although a few people are still distributing the products, you can bet there are already several people who are now advertising Motives Cosmetics. A product of Market America/Philippines, Motives Cosmetics surely will have a huge following – especially to us women! Apart from their famous Motives Essential Brow Kit, Motives also prides itself on the Motives Lustrafy Black Waterproof Mascara. I was lucky enough to have used two tubes since I’ve been introduced to the well-loved mascara.

Motives Lustrafy Black in Waterproof
Price: $16.95 Quantity: 8ml
Same size as that of MAC Cosmetic’s Dazzleglass

It has a weird smell. Best to use with your own mascara brush.
Three coats to get that desired volume
When you rub it off, the mascara will leave dark circles

No clumping, no globbing, no flaking
Decent length, decent volume
They say Motive’s mascara brushes are patented. Awesome!
The brushes are also made of rubber bristles, easy for fanning out hairs
Smooth application, the fat brush captures all small lash hairs
Packaging is expensive looking, not cheap! You wouldn’t be embarrased to flash it around

I’m not a beauty expert but I know how my lashes are like after having tried Maybelline’s Volume Express or MAC’s Haute and Naughty Lash. They give you drama that no Kardashian can ever procreate. Motives Lustrafy delivers drama alright but with the extent of battery my lashes have gone through (extensions, makeup removers that don’t do their jobs, etc) it does not need half-baked attempts to coat your already thinning lashes.

To be fair, it can be your go-to mascara for everyday use. It is also essentially very good for contact lens wearers. I cannot heavily stress the emphasis of wearing cosmetics that is safe for contact lens wearers like me. My penchant for wearing fashionable contact lenses from the colored kinds to geo-magic circle lenses has made me verrrry picky in choosing my eye makeup. Motives, after all, is hypoallergenic, contains mineral ingredients and is just the perfect accessory for those fashionable contact lenses!

Because it is waterproof, I tested the mascara on several tear-jerking movies and they did not clump, run, flake and irritate. My mom loved it so I gave away my first tube to her. Thanks to the recent product launching of Motives at Margarita Cuisine several weeks back that they gifted me again with another tube.

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