I think the Gods felt sorry for my dry skin and told an aunt in the US that I might need a tinted moisturizer that actually moisturizes. My love affair with BB creams such as Purederm BB Cream has been on and off because most of the times that I’ve used them were post-L’oreal White Perfect Rosy Whitening face cream and they blended quite well. Until a friend commented, “Ang putiiii!!” (“Sooo white!”) on my profile picture that I resigned to the fact that a Korean beauty, I am not.

Olay Color Recapture SPF 15

Thank you, tita Joni for Olay Definity Color Capture with SPF 15! I didn’t see any of this in drugstores so I had to purchase another bottle from her to bring which left me thinking if I made the right choice.

OLAY Definity Color Recapture SPF 15

Olay Definity Color Recapture with SPF $30
Product Features:

Anti-aging UV moisturizer + sheer illuminating coverage evens tone and diminishes discolorations PLUS wrinkles to recapture youthful luminosity – Light/Medium
For the following skin types: Normal, Dry, Extra Dry, Combination/Oily, Oily, Sensitive
Helps with these face concerns: brown spots, dull skin, fine lines/wrinkles, uneven skin color/tone, uneven skin texture, dry/flaky skin, sun damage
SPF 15 protects skin from future discoloration and brown spots
Sheer illuminating coverage evens tone and diminishes discolorations PLUS wrinkles to capture youthful luminosity

Why I can’t say no to using it

Think of Olay Definity Color Recapture as a makeup primer. A TINTED makeup primer. How efficient is that.
Sunscreen. Anything more than 15 would be nice though.
Illuminator. No Edward Cullen sparkles but sheen.
Light coverage but just enough foundation for you to add concealer on problem spots only
One pump is enough! It doesn’t break out and it doesn’t settle and cake.
The puffiness you get from not sleeping right does not show at all.
No annoying discolorations and no patches on my skin.
The packaging is brilliantly designed to show you the foundation in swirls. If you have the light to medium shade, you will be seeing two kinds of tones in those swirls.
Air-powered pump I believe is more hygienic and can attract less bacteria.

Why I resisted against getting another tube

Only three shades – fair to light, light to medium, medium to dark. Light to medium works well with Asian skin. The others I can’t guarantee.
Runny. Half-way through production of this moisturizer somehow the chemists got lazy and forgot to blend well. You can’t even shake the darned thing. Or the swirls will end up like mashed potato with too much butter. The foundation has a gel-like consistency on it.
Smells like sunblock. Burnt toast but not unpleasant.
Expensive. My BB cream was only half of its price.
Best to use in room temperature and cold climates. Humidity is not its best friend. A few hours and your face will feel sticky. Dry skin-type girls would appreciate this factor.

OLAY Definity Color Recapture SPF 15

An attempt of a swatch?

Olay Definity Color Recapture is perfect for women in their late 20s to mid-30s. Use this in the morning after your washing your face and applying on toner. I sometimes find myself massaging my face with this because it is sheer enough to not cake but absorbs right away. This can perhaps be used daily as your go-to moisturizer!

Discoloration, dullness and brown spots do play a large part in aging and Olay Definity does the fighting what ages you most best.You may want highly defined skin without hogging the La Mer shelves, right? Olay Definity Color Recapture works more on perfecting the skin tone and is formulated to “recapture” the skin’s youthful luminosity. Tell your girlfriends to let go of their skin’s will writers now because their youth’s going to be preserved! Happy to discover something for dry-skin types like me.

Till next beauty review. Toodles!