When it comes to finding the perfect pair of summer shoes, comfort definitely tops everyone’s list of pre-requisites, with style as the second main consideration. However, it’s not that easy to encounter such a pair which is why Sanuk has managed to gain a loyal following with its awesome lineup of shoes- (oops they’re sandals!) that can take you anywhere – from the beach, to the mall, even to the office.

As the brand continues to broaden its customer reach, coming out with new styles is a definite must so for this season, get ready to “Shock-N-Ahhh” as Sanuk presents the latest addition to its footwear lineup, the Shunami Series.


With a few new touches such as extra height and laces, this fresh take on Sanuk’s standard silhouette doesn’t just look great – but also feels absolutely amazing. Each pair of Sanuk Shunamis feature a lightly-padded tongue and the brand spankin’ new, “Shock-N-Ahh” insole providing ridiculous comfort minus the added weight or loss of flexibility.

There are three new styles under the Shunami line namely, Shunami (in canvass available in brown, black/gray), Shunami Primo (in leather available in black/maroon), and Shunami Womens (available in sage and brown).

All Shunami styles have the lightweight “Vulc-Lite” footbed which features the “Shock-N-Ahhh” dual-density PU insole that makes every pair of Sanuk Shunamis a joy to wear, wherever you may be headed to this summer. The classic Shunami is perfect for more casual outings with its handmade suede material while the more formal, Shunami Primo can take you from your everyday errands or going to the office.

Not to forget the ladies, Shunami Womens is a great way to keep their delicate feet nice and snug especially if they have a lot of travel plans lined up for the season. These will keep them comfy and stylish whatever outfit they choose to wear. As an added advantage, Shunamis also make use of a canvas liner with AEGIS antimicrobial additive to ensure not just ultimate comfort but hygiene as well even if you’re going to wear your pair of Shunamis all day long.

Sanuk Shunamis: Prepare for the shock, feel the Ahhh!!!

Sanuk is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies. Learn more about Sanuk and their stores at http://www.sanuk.ph and don’t forget to like us on Facebook via Sanuk Philippines. (press release)

About Sanuk

“Sanuk” is the Thai word for happiness and balance, our name is also our mantra. Sanuk’s goal is to make fun sandals from different materials with a positive happy vibe. Sanuk’s novelty sandals have changed the way people perceive flip-flops. What was once outrageous is now mainstream. The sandal category as a whole has grown because of it. Sanuk strives to make products that are as much about funk as they are about function. We’ve found our sandals are happiest when they tread the road less travelled – so we design ’em accordingly.

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